nice when things go right

In Oregon, a skilled hunter was impaled and killed by a deer he shot hours earlier.

Mark David from Hillsboro stalked a private property in Tillamook, Oregon, with a bow and arrow on Saturday. From his hiding place, he discovered a big elk stag – and shot it.

This deer impaled the 66-year-old with his antlers before he died (Image: Oregon State Police)


The arrow hit the bull, but the badly injured animal ran away in a panic and disappeared into the undergrowth. The 66-year-old chased his prey until dark, but without success.

“Forked” by deer

The next morning the American set out with the property owner to search. Around 9.15 a.m. they found the injured elk and David was already drawing his bow to kill the animal when it suddenly attacked.

The stag attacked the hunter with his antlers – hunters refer to this as “fork” – and rammed one of the tips right into his neck. His companion tried to save the 66-year-old, but he could no longer help him.

The man died of serious injury at the scene of the accident.

As the Oregon State Police reports, the elk was shot after the fatal attack. His meat was donated to Tillamook County Jail.

Last November, a 66-year-old hunter in the US state of Arkansas was killed by a deer that he believed he had shot. During the inspection, he was attacked and impaled by the supposedly dead animal.


We are very sorry that one of our friends, the elk, was shot.
As for the other side, one would say… unfortunately that happens too rarely.

My best regards to all, Venus

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