Swine fever visits Germany

For the first time in Germany, African swine fever was detected in a wild boar. This was confirmed by Agriculture Minister Klöckner.
The region’s farmers are on alert.

The African swine fever, which is highly contagious and mostly fatal for domestic pigs and wild pigs, has reached Germany.
“Unfortunately, the suspicion has been confirmed,” said Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner on Thursday in Berlin. The epidemic has been present in Europe for years and has apparently been introduced to Germany from Eastern Europe.
More carcasses in the region are now being sought.

“The virus is extremely infectious and easily transmitted,” said Klöckner. Therefore, so-called restriction areas must now be defined. This means areas in which the disease is suspected. In the affected state of Brandenburg, where the infected wild boar carcass was found, the first villages are to be cordoned off today.

However, the consumption of pork is harmless: “African swine fever is harmless to humans,” said Klöckner. “Even contaminated meat can be eaten by the consumer without any problems” (!!!)

The wild boar carcass was found on the German-Polish border on Wednesday. The suspected case was then checked on Thursday night by the Friedrich Loeffler Institute, which, as a national reference laboratory, clarifies suspected cases.

“We analyzed three samples and the results are clear,” explained the head of the institute, Thomas Mettenleiter.
The carcass in Brandenburg had already rotted heavily.
“So it has been a long time since the virus may have spread,” said Mettenleiter.

Farmers are very concerned about the economic impact.
With the current evidence of swine fever, Germany is losing its “disease-free” status and there could be a risk of export bans for pork to non-EU countries, such as Asia.

One thing is certain: in the event of an outbreak among domestic pigs, all animals on the farms affected must be killed.



And I mean…A few days ago we received great reports from the conservative media..“When examining pork and pork liver, researchers in Germany found hepatitis E viruses in more than ten percent of all samples”.

Now we’re getting a visit from a new terrorist group, that of the pig front. It doesn’t look good for farmers, farmers threaten high losses.

So… we still haven’t lost hope that the new terrorist will do a better job than his predecessor, this weakling Corona.

My best regards to all, Venus

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