The time has come … China doesn’t want our meat!

Bad news for the german pig mafia!

German farmers’ fears have come true, as the world’s top buyer, China, has officially imposed an embargo on imports of German pork and pig products after swine fever was confirmed in a wild boar in Brandenburg.

China’s customs agency and agriculture ministry jointly announced the widely anticipated ban on Saturday. All pig-meat products shipped from China’s third-largest pork supplier, Germany, are to be sent back or destroyed, and imports already on the way will be subject to quarantine.

Beijing has been battling for some time with a swine fever outbreak inside the country. The virus does not affect humans, but is deadly for animals, and has killed a great deal of China’s livestock. As a result, it had to boost imports to offset meat shortages and drive pork prices down.

Earlier this week, the German government confirmed that a wild boar in Brandenburg had tested positive for African swine fever.

After South Korea introduced restrictions on German pork imports, farmers feared they would lose another lucrative Asian market, which is known for purchasing pig parts, such as tails and ears, that are unpopular in other parts of the world.

German producers urged China to avoid a blanket ban on pork shipments and to restrict just those from areas affected by the infected animal.

Germany’s pork exports to China exceeded $1 billion in 2019 and continued to rise this year. In the first four months of 2020, China doubled its imports from Germany, shipping some 158,000 tonnes, according to Reuters.

But what is a nightmare scenario for German farmers, adding to the difficulties they currently face due to the coronavirus, could be beneficial for rival meat importers, such as the US and Brazil. Meat prices are already up, with US lean hog futures enjoying a second positive session on Friday.

And I mean… Germany is one of the largest meat exporters in the world.
58 million pigs are slaughtered in Germany every year. Up to a third of it never ends up in the plate but in the garbage. This means that because of overproduction, meat is also produced for the dumpster.

Nevertheless, pigs are even imported and slaughtered in German slaughterhouses.
Industrial pig breeding is booming. Huge new animal factories are built.

As a reminder, the total payments made by the European Union to agriculture in 2015 were 56.48 billion euros. That was about 40 percent of all EU spending !!

In 2018, China imported 1.2 million tons of fresh / frozen pork from Europe.
In addition, 947,000 tons of pork offal were imported, according to the latest figures from February 2019.

But it also means that in Europe not only water but also the air is polluted for China.
Also, this meat is shipped to China, which means even more pollution.

Due to the ongoing trade war between China and the US, the EU was the first to benefit from rising Chinese import demand.

That was until yesterday. Now China doesn’t want our pork.

Germany has already been excluded from many exports: China, South Korea, Japan, and Mexico no longer allow pork imports from Germany into the country.

As was also practiced in China, there follows a mass murder in German farms by some million living beings, and Germany has to beg elsewhere to deliver the rest.

But we know…For such crises, Germany has its patron saint, the EU, and it will pay for the damage!
Actually, it would be more precisely formulated: WE will pay for this mass murder.

My best regards to all, Venus

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