Germany: scandal in the stable of Europe’s largest turkey producer

Numerous media report on the research images of the ARIWA (animal rights watch organization) from the turkey fattening of a high agricultural official.

The operator’s attempts at justification are nothing new:
He claims the incidents are exceptional and that responsibility is being shifted to the bottom line.
In fact, however, the footage shows the cruel everyday life in every turkey fattening.

Of course, the employees are inexcusably brutal with the animals.

But this is an almost inevitable consequence of the system, which is also based on the lack of prospects for exploited workers.

turkey husbandry / Gut Jäglitz

Sanctioning individual workers will NOT change anything.

Because our recordings do not show any individual misconduct, but the principle according to which this violent industry works.
The operator is one of the main beneficiaries of this branch.

He must be held accountable and his business model belongs to the dump of history!

The story: Necks cut with bolt cutters, torn tail feathers with which the employees played “soccer”, suffering and dying animals

The torture case in one of Storck’s large turkey farms, which was also uncovered and dealt with in the media in December by “ANIMAL RIGHTS WATCH”, has now been expanded to include countless other abused, bludgeoned animals and scandalous events in another farm of the poultry president …

AnimalsUnited reported also on the scandal exposure in December 2020.

“Thomas Storck is Europe’s most influential poultry lobbyist. The pictures from two locations in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania show turkeys being clubbed to death or killed with a bolt cutter -Turkeys that slowly die, turkeys that are kicked for slaughter and whose tail feathers are pulled out by workers for fun ”, describes the animal rights activists.

The scenes were filmed with hidden cameras in Roddahn (Ostprignitz-Ruppin district) and Goldberg (Ludwigslust-Parchim district). “Workers beat sick turkeys with a club.
With their skull shattered, the animals suffered for minutes.

Film material from “ARIWA (the video is in German but will be partially translated)

Video: //

Video: some animals are apparently doing badly
Open wounds can be seen, animals maltreating from conspecifics, and an employee of the company who with a
Club hits a half-dead animal.
The business is owned by Thomas Storck, and he is the largest turkey breeder in Europe.
Storck has already been accused of keeping the animals in very poor conditions.
The organization Animal Rights Watch again accuses Storck of animal cruelty.

An example: injured animals would have to be brought to sickbay, that doesn’t happen.
The billet fittings are also a matter of course.
According to ARIWA, everything only works according to the principle of economic efficiency.

The affected animals are calculated from the beginning purely as losses, according to ARIWA.
Appropriate animal treatment would be far too expensive for the company.
ARIWA has leaked the video material to the well-known magazine “Der Spiegel” and made it available.

As early as November, the activists entered the building and filmed undercover.
They had a GPS system and newspaper on the camera to record the location and date.
The animal rights activists also installed several hidden cameras in the building and filmed everyday life in the stable.
Among other things, they were able to film the inspection by the veterinary office on November 6, 2020.
The inspection lasted, according to the record, 4 minutes and 40 seconds!
The inspectors are in the entrance area, so they want to inspect a hall with 1000 turkeys. ARIWA: “This is not what an inspection that deserves this name looks like”.

As soon as the Ministry of Agriculture is confronted with the allegations, it is explained that the control did not take place in the context of animal welfare, but of meat hygiene (!!)

The inspectors were concerned with the meat and not with the health of the animals! In December, ARIWA reported the operation to the public prosecutor.
The turkey strokes, which are used on a massive scale, are also illegal.
According to the law, turkeys may only be killed when they are stunned, and never by being beaten.

The mast is over, the next station is the slaughterhouse, so then comes the so-called removal.
With kicks hurl the staff the animals from the stable.

The company denies the recordings.
The truncheons were struck, the activists had taken sick turkeys out of the compartment and filmed them (!!!).

The Ministry of Agriculture, however, sees things differently and has forbidden the position to be filled again.
In addition, criminal charges have been filed because “it must be assumed that turkeys were brutally inflicted with considerable pain and suffering”.
In the meantime, however, the position is back in operation, but under stricter controls.

And I mean…The operator, Thomas Storck, who has also been Europe’s largest “turkey producer” since autumn 2020, is responsible for more than a dozen such fattening systems and thus for the suffering of many hundreds of thousands of turkeys every year.
As a lobbyist and “turkey president” he literally claims that Germany has the “best housing conditions in the world”.
His political goal is clear: everything should stay as it is. So that this cruel business remains profitable, for him and the entire industry.
With the support of politicians and authorities, of course!

My best regards to all, Venus

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