India: February 21′ Stories From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – Enjoy !

WAV Comment – we have become really good friends with Erika at AAU; and we communicate regularly. Here are a few latest videos (and their stories) for you to watch. Great work by fantastic people as al;ways;

Regards Mark.


Puppies are among the cutest beings on the planet. But caring for them when they are injured and ill is one of our greatest challenges.

We do absolute everything we can to protect and heal these little ones to get them back to their mothers as fast as possible.

Every puppy is given core vaccines including against distemper and parvo, puppies stay in unique groups to minimize the spread of illness, and those showing signs of viral diseases are immediately shifted to an isolation area.

With every treatment, everyone from nurse to caregiver lavishes an extra big dose of love.

Sprinkles loved her kisses, even after bite wounds almost ended her life.

A beautiful puppy only a few weeks old had been attacked by a wild animal. She had deep bite wounds at the top of her head and under her throat, which caused swelling and infection. Her tail wagged a little and she tried to greet her rescuers but she couldn’t even lift her head.

She was too little for such a horrible injury, and we knew if she didn’t respond to antibiotics, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

Gentle and fragile, we named this baby Sprinkles. She hovered on the brink of life and death for 8 days, but as soon as she started to perk up we knew she needed to be in the soft lap of her mother and siblings. And now, little Sprinkle is a downpour of love!

Rescue, treat, love. And more love. Please donate.

After spine trauma, therapy and love, Iris emerged into the most graceful dog.

The incredibly sweet nature of this little beauty shined through even when she was rigid with pain. She was unable to raise herself out of her sitting position after a spine injury caused by a road accident. It took weeks of medical care, rest and physiotherapy to heal. As gentle and perfect as a flower, we named her Iris.Watch this graceful blossom sway and wobble and, finally, walk on her own again!

Street animal rescue feels so good. Please donate.

Sponsor all-grown-up-now Merry!

So small, alone and almost faded away, we rescued beautiful Merry after someone abandoned her on the road. She must have walked until she was too weary to stand anymore and had collapsed.

Merry’s life is now filled with love. It took her 5 days before she could stand. She needed lots of physical contact which was lovingly provided by staff and volunteers.

And she blossomed into the (BIG!) beautiful girl she is today.

There are as many reasons to go vegan as there are animals on this planet! To get inspired by one more beautiful reason to go Veg, meet Merry!

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