Day: February 3, 2021

The survival of the ecosystem depends on our choices.

Orcas have no natural predators.
They are only threatened by us humans.
Overfishing of their food sources, pollution of their habitats, and the live trade of the dolphinarium industry are among the greatest threats to orcas.

In Canada, the encroachment on their habitat is already drastically revealed and the orcas have to fight for survival.
The salmon farming industry is changing their food supplies, so animals starve and young animals die.
Hence, the survival of this ecotype depends on our choices.

Sea Shepherd Germany

…there are many reasons not to eat animals
one of them is a clear conscience.
but there are many more benefits than having a clear conscience.

regards and good night, Venus

Maltese bird smuggler caught in Italy

Committee against Bird Murder e.V. (CABS)

Strike against bird smuggling from Italy to Malta – After months of surveillance in Villa San Giovanni (Calabria), the Italian financial supervisory authority (Guardia di Finanza) has caught a well-known Maltese businessman with more than 1,000 illegally caught goldfinches, chaffinches, and hawfinches.

The birds were hidden in a van that the former diamond dealer wanted to use to take the ferry to Malta. On the black market there, the charge would have been worth between 75,000 and 100,000 euros.
The birds are now flying free again, a video of the release and the smuggling vehicle has now been published on Youtube:

The committee congratulates the Italian police on this great success but also points out that the Maltese authorities had already been informed about the smuggling activities of the man who was now arrested since 2018 and apparently remained inactive.

In order to combat the illegal fishing of finches in Malta in spring, the committee will be present on the Mediterranean island with two teams in March and April 2021.

And I mean…Criminal methods are used by hunters on the Mediterranean island of Malta at a mafia-style!

With 385,000 inhabitants, of which 14,000 are registered as hunters and 8,000 as trappers, the archipelago has the highest population density as well as the highest “hunter density” in Europe.
Another 3,000 or so illegal hunters are added, making a total of 25,000 bird hunters in Malta.

And that on a land area (316 km2) that is smaller than Lake Garda

Bird hunting and trapping have a long tradition in Malta. The so-called “trapping” in particular has an important social component. Instead of going to the football field, people catch birds on Sundays.

80% of the hunters collect shot birds stuffed as trophies. That is, the motivation to hunt does not result from the desire to have something edible on the table, but to complement the missing species in the living room showcase.

When Malta joined the EU, in 2004, it was required to integrate the directive into its national legislation, but according to Birdlife Malta and CABS, successive Maltese governments have been lax in preventing trapping.

In June 2018, the European Court of Justice ruled that Malta had violated the directive by introducing too many exemptions and failing to implement adequate enforcement measures.
In October 2018, in response to the June ruling, Malta lifted its rules on the fall live capture of finches and only allowed the catching of golden plover and song thrush.

But Birdlife Malta and CABS, which were searching the island for illegal activity, reported that nothing had changed.

My best regards to all, Venus

McDonald’s Officially Debuts Vegan McPlant Range To Gauge Consumer Interest.

WAV Comment:  A lot of British animal activists have had serious issues with ‘McD’ for many years; and we personally would never go near the places after the huge McLibel trial which took place (in the UK) between activists and the burger giant many years ago – see  Defending the Indefensible – Has Anything Changed in the ‘David and Goliath’ World ? – World Animals Voice

Now – Chris Kempczinski is McDonald’s chief executive. In a call with analysts, he said: “Plant-based products are an ongoing consumer trend.“It’s not a matter of if McDonald’s will get into plant-based, it’s a matter of when.”

We support anything that stops animal suffering and killing, and yes, plant based is the way to go forward; so we support this move in that sense.  Mc will always be Mc as far as we are concerned; but everyone has their own choices to make.

We suggest you watch the video in the link above and then make your choice.


McDonald’s Officially Debuts Vegan McPlant Range To Gauge Consumer Interest

McDonald’s is testing its vegan McPlant range in Sweden and Denmark, beginning with a ‘juicy, spicy, and plant-based’ burger

McDonald’s is beginning to roll out its vegan McPlant range.

The fast-food chain is trailing a meat-free burger in Sweden, until March 15, and Denmark, until April 12.

The patty is described as ‘juicy, spicy, and plant-based’ and is made from pea and rice protein. It is served on a bun along with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayo, mustard, and ketchup. 

While the burger is plant-based and can be customized to not contain dairy, the patty is fried on the same grill as its beef counterpart. 

Vegan McPlant Range

Last year, McDonald’s announced it will test its plant-based burger in multiple markets during 2021.  

It says it will also test both breakfast sandwiches and chicken alternatives. 

Following the announcement of more vegan McDonald’s options, an expert has said the new range shows the ‘future of meat is plant-based’.

Chris Kempczinski is McDonald’s chief executive. In a call with analysts, he said: “Plant-based products are an ongoing consumer trend.“It’s not a matter of if McDonald’s will get into plant-based, it’s a matter of when.”

McDonald’s Officially Debuts Vegan McPlant Range To Gauge Consumer Interest | Plant Based News

South Korea: Our Dog Meat Messages Are Undelivered; Have You Also Experienced This ?

Dear all;

Re our post today regarding actions against South Korean dog meat;   – we also undertook mails to all addresses listed.  But unlike our other recent tests, we (in the UK) have had everything returned today from the administrator; here is one such response:

      This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.     

Delivery to the following recipients was aborted after 37 minute(s):


Reason: This is the mail system at host know-smtprelay-2-imp.

I am sorry to have to inform you that your message, “Please read”, has not yet been delivered to

 The remote server returned the below error when attempting delivery:

Your ip blocked from this server MpBi1gx1QdaoDnfhz6E3PQ – nsmtp


What has been noticed today is that we have had several visits to the site from South Korea.

Visitor Traffic for ( – we have no idea if this is anything to do with undelivery or if it is for other reasons.

Please let us know via the ‘comment’ tag at the bottom of the post if you also are getting everything returned. 

I don’t have any answers; just the hope that the message to stop the animal abuse is getting through to them in different ways;

Regards Mark

South Korea: A Chance Now (For the Future) To Get The Dog / Cat Meat Trade Stopped – But We Need Your Actions To Do It – Read On…

WAV Comment – WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE – This is VERY important – a chance for positive action for meat dogs and cats in South Korea.  Please take action as detailed below – we need to get this revision to the Animal protection Act and stop this terrible suffering and abuse for ever.

We will always try to be a voice for stray and farmed cats and dogs wherever they may be in the world.  We had a long battle fighting for the strays of SerbiaAbout Serbian Animals. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)  – and now we are working with South Korean activists to shut down this pitiful trade that causes so much suffering.

We are also running regional action campaigns also to support stopping this abuse nationwide.  This is not yet complete; but you can see what we have published (so far) by visiting the following and taking actions as detailed.

South Korea: Dog Meat Actions. Trial Post 1 of 5. 2 Regions of 10. E Mail Addys and Sample Letter to COPY and SEND. – World Animals Voice

South Korea: Part 2 of 5 Parts. Action – Additional E Mails and Covering Letters to Send. – World Animals Voice

South Korea: Dog Meat Farms. Take Actions Now To Help The Dogs – Part 3 of 5 Parts. – World Animals Voice

Thanks Mark (and Venus).

hannabritt | She quotes, Inspirational quotes, Quotes
May be an image of animal and text that says '논평 개식용 산업 종식 해법 담은 동물보호법 개정안 발의를 환영합니다 동물자유연대'



URGENT Call for Action:

Urge the South Korean National Assembly members to pass legislation that bans the dog meat trade!!

On December 30, 2020, ten members of Korea’s National Assembly, led by Congresswoman Han Jeong-Ae of the Democratic (Minjoo) Party (also the newly appointed Minister of Environment), proposed a revision to the Animal Protection Act that would outlaw the slaughtering and sale of dogs and cats for meat. This bill (Bill Number 7035) proposes 5 years grace period.

Please urge the members of the Korea’s National Assembly to support and vote for this legislation and end the barbaric and cruel dog and cat meat industry. Submit your petitions to the South Korean National Assembly Members today. All the work has been done for you, all email addresses are provided and a suggested message has been written. It will take just a few minutes to help with such important work. Thank you!

May be an image of text that says '동물자유연대'

Continue reading “South Korea: A Chance Now (For the Future) To Get The Dog / Cat Meat Trade Stopped – But We Need Your Actions To Do It – Read On…”

Germany: successful year against the hunt

This year we have an excellent record against the hunt.

1) According to the New Press” _Magazin in Frankfurt, 100 high seats had been eliminated by animal rights activists until July 2020.

Quotes from the newspaper report: “The perpetrators used brute force. Where they couldn’t saw, they bent the metal ladders.” Everything is now unusable, “says the tenant.

(Brute force is only used by hunters against defenseless animals.
Therefore we are pleased that at least from these places no animals are shot anymore)

2) It is a concerted action that began in Hessen in February with the destruction of 42 high seats in the city forest.
The damage is estimated at 20,000 euros.

(What a crap!!
The hunters build a high seat with wood, which they loot from the trees of the forest, and costs a maximum of 100 euros each. And most of them aren’t  legal!)

3) The police and the public prosecutor are currently investigating who is responsible for the destruction.

Senior Public Prosecutor Nadja Niesen confirmed: “We are investigating unknown persons because of property damage.”
The police are not investigating for property damage, but for “politically motivated crime” (!!!)

(The crime is not that someone destroyed the cruel high seats, but that they exist at all).

4) So announces the hunting tenant to go hunting with mobile high stands in the future – smaller, collapsible ladders that can be leaned against a tree.
However, it is inconvenient. “When hunting wild boar, we often have to wait for hours in the raised hide in winter.”

(Clear! who is looking for a victim in the forest has to work hard.
And most of the murder seats will be paid – like the others – with money from the community)

My best regards to all, Venus