Scotland: Live Animal Exports – Scottish Government Joins England and Wales In Undertaking Consultation For Possible Ban. All Relevant Links and Advice Below.


Picture – Mark (WAV)


The Scottish government have joined England and Wales in hosting a consultation regarding live animal exports. Animal Aid would like to see a complete ban on the needless live export of animals, however this brings an opportunity to improve conditions for some of the victims of the animal farming industry.

Please join us in responding to the Scottish consultation. We have provided some example responses to the consultation questions below to help you, although greater consideration may be given to responses in your own words, rather than exact duplicates.

The deadline for responses is 26th February 2021.

Helpful Links:

More details about the consultation are available here

The consultation is in response to this Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) report


To take part in the Scottish consultation on live animal exports, click here:

Farm Animal Welfare Committee – Opinion on the Welfare of Animals during Transport – Page 1 of 5 – Scottish Government – Citizen Space (


For more information and advice on this consultation, including answer advice; please see the section at Animal Aid by clicking here:

Join us in taking action on live exports from Scotland – Animal Aid


Regards Mark



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