South Korea: 12/02/21 – Latest Newsletter; but PLEASE READ ALL the info below. Act as Detailed Please.

12/02 – Here is the latest newsletter from Korean Dogs.

Important – Re the call for action 1-10 in the text; we have found that in the past messages get returned by the administrator.  We understand now that the e mail lists have been updated, so maybe now they will be ok.  We have sent a set off to check out if anything is returned.

Note that a suggested letter which you can copy and include in your mail s supplied FOR EACH REGION – you cannot send just one for all; they have to be copied from the 1-10 regions given; and then sent to those contacts in that region ONLY.

UPDATE – fairly quickly, within minutes; we have had 6 out of the mails sent returned to us.  We expect more very soon.  We have contacted Korean Dogs in California to tell them of our experiences and we hope maybe they will get back to us.

In the meantime here is a statement they have on their site:

You have so many petitions. Can you automate it so that we can sign them all at once?

We do have a lot of petitions as it is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness, gather support and show the Korean Government just how many people are actively opposed to dog-meat consumption. The online petition platform we have chosen to use is because, not only are they a free resource, but they are one of the largest and most successful. They provide functions that are useful for our campaign, but they do not offer the functionality of allowing you to sign multiple petitions at once. Each petition should be individually read and then signed and although we recognise that, as we have so many petitions, it is very time consuming for our supporters, we are not able to change this. However, your voice is very important because your voice is the only one these animals have.

To access the newsletter click here:

Regards Mark

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