England: New Section To WAV – Vegan / Recipes – Plant Based Foods.

Still working on this; but here is the start;

Regards Mark


Link – Vegan / Recipes – Plant Based Food. – World Animals Voice

We are trying to promote a Vegan plant based lifestyle on this site; and to show you the realities of what goes on with ‘the other side’ – meat production, involving live animal transport; the dairy industry etc.

WAV is not a cookery site, but given the chance; we will give links to other sites and areas where you can delve deeper into the easy world of going Vegan.

So; now we are established a bit more, its time for a change, and a change which we hope will be of benefit.

On the site from today there will be a new section called ‘Vegan / Recipes’.  Here we will be giving you all further insight into the way forward to making veganism very easy; and cutting out meat and dairy.  It should be a cool place for new, aspiring, and ready to be vegans.

So if you are a foodie, or are looking for new ideas to broaden your already existing vegan diet, we hope this section will be of use to you.  Recipes and links will continue to be included in general news for a time, but gradually we hope to place all vegan diet related posts into this area.  Check it out; we will be transferring existing posts to the new area over the coming days as a starter anyway.

Link – Vegan / Recipes – Plant Based Food. – World Animals Voice

Enjoy – one of my fav tracks – Top man Vegan and animal rights advocate, Morrissey, and fab Kent girl Siouxsie Sioux – all Kent girls are the best !

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