Spain: Live Export Latest 1/3/21 – Animals Being Unloaded for Slaughter, Probably 2/3/21.


The Cure - A Night Like This - YouTube

Latest info about the animals in Cartagena:

the Spanish authorities have decided to euthanise them, probably on Tuesday.

Cruel and senseless acts in a cruel and senseless trade. Animals treated as unwanted cargo and disposed accordingly.

Read all of our past posts on this incident, and more on live exports at:

Live Transport – World Animals Voice

Below – Spanish Campaigners Protest.


1/3/21 – We also know now that the ‘Elbeik’ has left Cyprus, and is heading West in the Med Sea. We have a suspicion that this vessel may also be heading back to Spain. More news when we know.

See videos below:

Karim Allah’s cattle about to be killed

A structure to kill the animals has been set up just off the ramp

I have a feeling that lots of human heads are going to roll after all this – we will do all we can to get the animals some justice from the utter useless human tools involved in this; names will be named and photos posted.

Regards Mark

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