Belgium: GAIA (Belgium Animal Rights) Launches #EUforAnimals Campaign. Show Your Support By Signing the Petition – Link Given.

WAV Comment – GAIA are a great campaigning organisation based in Belgium, supporting a wide range of animal issues,  Check out their website from the link below to see more.  We have enjoyed campaigning with them in Brussels (EU HQ) in the past on the live export issues.

We encourage everyone to sign the petition at EU for Animals – and let the non acting EU that they really need to get into Century 21 and more importantly, reflect the wishes of the vast majority of EU citizens.

Note – you DO NOT have to be an EU citizen to sign this; anyone can contribute.  Just select your nationality at the end of the petition form.

Regards Mark

Website –

GAIA launches #EUforAnimals campaign

18 March 2021


On 10th March, GAIA, together with various other organisations and the support of Eurogroup for Animals, launched very successfully the #EUforAnimals campaign. Main goal is to explicitly include ‘Animal Welfare’ into the job title of the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety.

GAIA’s key demand is that more relevance is given to animal welfare by making this responsibility explicit in the name of the relevant Directorate-General and the job title of the competent EU Commissioner. In the present context, the Commissioner’s responsibility would become for “Health, Food Safety and Animal Welfare”. 

Animal protection in the EU will increase if this obligation is highlighted, and the appropriate Commissioner is expressly urged to take a more constructive and progressive approach to animal welfare on behalf of the entire European Commission, thereby reacting to the passionate call of European citizens.

You can sign the petition on the EU for Animals website and a space will be added in the coming days to show the list of MEPs who have communicated their support. 

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