South Korea: Very Positive News To Stop Dog Meat Farms. Korean Government Seeks to Recognize Animals as ‘Living Beings,’ Not ‘Objects’.

WAV Comment – Hats off to all the crew involved in fighting the dog meat campaign in South Korea.  Like live animal transport which we are also fighting and are deeply involved in, we appreciate that these things are never easy to get positive results with.  But, in the end, good always wins over evil, and we see their news as a real positive; it also gives us hope with all our own work – the South Korean Ministry of Justice announced plans recently to amend the civil code to remove animals from the category of ‘property’ and designate a possible third category, in a bid to ensure their basic legal rights.”.  That is excellent news.

We congratulate the team for all their hard work in efforts to change this despicable trade.

Despite things looking more positive with regard the future, it does not mean that campaigning stops; quite the opposite – it must really go on now until victory. 

In the newsletter (link given below at the end of this post), you will find many actions you can continue to take.  Actions which must continue to be taken until this abuse is stopped for once and all.  Please support the fight to get what we now see as a very positive move froward.

Regards Mark

You can view all of our past work in this campaign by visiting:

Search Results for “south korea” – World Animals Voice


Korean Government seeks to recognize animals as ‘living beings,’ not ‘objects’

Our relentless campaign over the years is starting to pay off👍


The Korea Times reported on March 16, 2021, “ For a country with around 1.5 million pet owners, Korea’s legal framework for animal protection has been considered relatively weak, leading to low public awareness on animal welfare, and lenient punishment for animal cruelty.

A major reason for this, pointed out by many animal rights activists, is because the civil code defines animals as “objects,” not living beings.

Under the current law, animals are regarded as the property of their human owners, something that can be owned, traded and controlled without any of the basic rights that are given to people.  Therefore, animal abusers often face relatively weak punishment proportional to their level of cruelty, as their sentences are based on the Property Damage Law and Animal Protection Law.

But this may change, as the Ministry of Justice announced plans recently to amend the civil code to legally recognize animals as living entities. 

In response to an increasing number of people who perceive companion animals as part of their family, the ministry said that it will remove animals from the category of property and designate a possible third category, in a bid to ensure their basic legal rights.”

Click here to read the Korean Dogs newsletter online:!!!__Korean_Govt_seeks_to_recognize_animals_as_living_beings_not_objects_!_&utm_medium=email


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