Vietnam: 26/3/21 – Bile Bears Xuan and Mo Have Now Been Rescued by Four Paws and Are In Sanctuary Starting a New Life and Long Road to Recovery.

WAV Comment – some really fantastic news from Four Paws – absolutely brilliant to know that Xuan and Mo have already been recued now by Four Paws and are at the sanctuary home getting what they deserve after so many years of being kept in a basement and being used for daily bile extraction.

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Donations to Four Paws to help them are always welcome – see above links or the web site.

We rescued bears Xuan and Mo from a life in darkness 

Their whole life Xuan and Mo were kept in a windowless basement in Vietnam. But Tuesday was a big day for them – the day we relocated them to our BEAR SANCTUARY in Ninh Binh. This was the day they saw daylight for the first time since many years!

The transport to our sanctuary took around 9 hours. The first health check unfortunately revealed that both suffer from a gallbladder disease. Xuan additionally has a liver disease and his teeth are in terrible condition. 

Xuan and Mo will stay in a quarantine area for the first three weeks to prevent any potential disease transfer to our resident bears. There, they receive intensive medical care, are gradually introduced to a new healthy diet, are provided an array of different enrichment, bedding etc. and trust begins to be built between them and their caretakers.

Kept in a basement: Free Xuan and Mo from a life in darkness

Breaking news!

Xuan and Mo were successfully rescued! On Tuesday the 23rd of March our team arrived in the Son La Province. Luckily, the bears were quite calm and not afraid when our team approached them. Maybe they knew that we want to change their life for the better. After a 10 hour drive, they finally arrived at their new home in our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh.

Bears are very resilient, but it will be a long way to recovery nonetheless. Both suffer from gallbladder disease. Xuan additionally has a liver disease and his teeth in terrible condition.

You can still support their recovery. Will you help them to start their new life?


A life in darkness

No light, no ventilation or fresh air, nothing but the rusty bars of tiny barren cages. Kept in a windowless and wet basement since they were cubs, bears Xuan and Mo have suffered unimaginably.

The only time they get to see light is when their owner comes to feed them or worse: puncture their gallbladder with a needle, a painful procedure to extract their bile. This bile was used for medicinal purposes by the family of the owner. For years these bears have known nothing but pain and abuse. Without our help, Xuan and Mo will go through this cruelness until the end of their life.

Our team is still shocked by what they discovered in Son La Province, Vietnam. These keeping conditions are one of the worst we’ve ever seen. We have to get them out as soon as possible. Will you join this mission and support their rescue?

They deserve so much more in life

At our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh, they could get all the care and time they need to recover from the horrors they have endured. There, they could discover for the first time what a species-appropriate life for bears can look like. But we can’t rescue them without you.

The fate of Xuan and Mo depends on your donation. Will you help us to rescue them?

How your donation can change the lives of Xuan and Mo: 

  • They will be relocated to our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh 
  • They will get the extensive veterinary care they urgently need 
  • They will have access to a large outdoor enclosure 
  • They will get enrichment, bedding material and showers 

Images © Hoang Le | FOUR PAWS

Regards Mark

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