New Zealand: The NZ Government Will Soon Decide Whether to Ban Live Export. Your Input Needed Now – Immediately.

WAV Comment:  We hope that we have given you extra fodder over recent weeks on the issue of live animal exports.  The Karim Allah, the Elbeik; and now the issue of over 20 livestock vessels stopped because of the problems in the Suez Canal.

Live Transport – World Animals Voice

It is vital that NZ gets the message that it must stop live animal exports; so please send your message (link below) as soon as possible – there is not time to delay.

Regards Mark and Venus.

The NZ government will soon decide whether to ban live export.

The fate of hundreds of thousands of animals in New Zealand hangs in the balance. We’ve heard from our friends at the NZ group SAFE For Animals that their Prime Minister could be making a decision on a long-awaited review of the live export industry any day now.

Please urge Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern now to end live animal export for good.

Take Action by clicking on the following:

URGENT: Ask PM Jacinda Ardern to ban live export (

The review into live export, which started nearly two years ago, considered a range of options from improving systems to a total ban on this cruel practice. The papers are now with the government and they’ll decide soon which of these options to implement. So animals need your voice urgently today.

New Zealand hasn’t exported live animals for slaughter for many years, which is a testament to caring people speaking out against this cruelty. But a loophole has allowed the ongoing export of ‘breeder’ animals from New Zealand — meaning pregnant dairy cows are being shipped all the way to China and other countries around the world. There these vulnerable animals face repeated forced pregnancies, with their calves taken soon after birth, and eventual slaughter that doesn’t need to meet New Zealand standards.

One tragic outcome of this loophole trade was the Gulf Livestock 1 disaster last year. On 2 September 2020, the live export ship capsized in heavy seas and sank off the coast of Japan on the way to China. Forty-one of forty-three crew members and all 5,867 New Zealand cows onboard died at sea. Sadly, this was the latest in a long list of disasters at sea in the global live export industry.

Prime Minister Ardern and her Cabinet meet on Mondays: let’s make sure that emails from compassionate people have placed animals front of mind as they start their next meeting.

Take action for NZ cows »

The decision that New Zealand makes on this will also set a hugely important precedent for animals in Australia and other countries,

Please join other caring people in speaking out for cows and their calves now.

Together, we can take this important opportunity to call for a kinder future for animals in New Zealand and around the world.

For the animals

Lyn White AM
Animals Australia

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