England: Man adopts rescue fox after it crawls into his jacket sleeve for a snooze. And Now, A Book For Fox Rescue As A Result.

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All pictures via the Metro, London.

From the Metro in London:

Man adopts rescue fox after it crawls into his jacket for a snooze | Metro News

Man adopts rescue fox after it crawls into his jacket sleeve for a snooze

Ben the fox at 10 days old in Les Hemstock's sleeve
The perfect spot for a nap (Picture: Les Hemstock / SWNS)

baby fox ben asleep in the sleve
Ben the fox was brought into an animal sanctuary (Picture: Les Hemstock / SWNS)

A man has adopted an adorable orphaned fox after it crawled into his jacket sleeve for a nap.

Music producer Les Hemstock was visiting a wildlife sanctuary when he met some baby fox cubs, who were brought in by a member of the public. The babies were starving, freezing, covered with ticks and in desperate need of medical attention. One cub crept over to Les and made a bed for himself inside his sleeve jacket – a spot the animal decided was perfect for a little snooze.

Ben the fox at 28 days old.
Ben likes to be comfy (Picture: Les Hemstock / SWNS)

Les decided to take the furry creature home, where he nursed him back to health with hourly feeds of dog food and regular cups of Yorkshire Tea. Now called Ben, the sweet little fox has formed a special connection with his rescuer. 

Les, from Doncaster, said: ‘We bonded straight away after he walked straight over to me and we never looked back. ‘I looked after him as he recovered and I earned his trust – and the amount of love they give you once you’ve earned that trust is magical. ‘He would jump on my back, and run up to me to greet me as well as making foxy cries to show his affection.

‘People say derogatory things about foxes and I had done all my research – but once you have a bond with a fox, it’s magical. ‘He’s so much fun and so loving to be around – and seeing Ben’s cute little face makes my day no matter how bad I’m feeling.’

Ben the fox
He’s now a big boy (Picture: Les Hemstock / SWNS)

Ben now lives back at the sanctuary, but still visits Les on the weekends, where he has his own bedroom with toys, a playhouse and a climbing frame. Les added: ‘He still comes to stay with me on the weekends, like he’s my son. ‘Ben is so cheeky, we’d even play games together – he’d steal and hide things around the house and play chase with me.

‘Foxes are far cleverer than people give them credit for.’ Ben also has a female fox roommate, named Addie, at the sanctuary – so has company when he’s not with Les. Les added: ‘At the end of every weekend at home with me, Ben sulks like a stroppy teenager when I have to take him back to the sanctuary. ‘But as soon as he gets back there and sees Addie, he bolts to greet her and is happy to be back – so I think he has the best of both worlds.’

Animal lover Les has now written a book dedicated to his furry companion called Ben’s Magic Tail. It’s currently in the process of being published and proceeds are set to go to charity Fox Angels.

Les said: ‘I want to do my bit to support some incredible charities that help Ben and other animals like him – and Ben is one of thousands that are rescued every year. ‘Without fox sanctuaries like Fox Angels, I’d never have met my best friend.’

Les Hemstock with Ben the fox

Best pals (Picture: Angela Sadler / SWNS.COM)

Les Hemstock with Ben the fox
Les Hemstock with Ben the fox

Ben now sees Les at weekends (Picture: Angela Sadler / SWNS.COM)

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