Ireland: Introducing ‘Ethical Farming Ireland’ – A Voice For The Animals. Check Them Out.

Hi everyone;

Like us at WAV, Ethical Farming Ireland is into live animal transport – live exports; in a big way.

Below at the end of this post is a link to their site, which features many interesting articles for you to have a look at, and see the reality of very young calves being exported live from Ireland – something we have been personally very involved with in the past. 

PMAF Inv 7
PMAF Inv 5

Check out all our investigation work at  About Us. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) – scroll down until you see the young calf pictures (as above); and you can read one of the investigation reports we produced (one of five) and which were presented to the EU in report form.

Here is the direct link to the aforementioned report if you wish to avoid visiting SAV; although we suggest a look as the site also covers many other campaign actions from the past:

Undercover investigation report link as presented to the EU (1 of 5 investigations):

Microsoft Word – JH.04.03.2010_REPORT on NON-COMPLIANCE with RESTING TIMES in relation to CONTROL POST at F-HEAUVILLE.doc (

Here below is the EFI link:

Regards Mark

Ethical Farming Ireland

Ethical Farming Ireland

Ethical Farming Ireland – Campaigning for farm animals



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