Brazil: Why 2022 Must See A New President Committed To Amazon Protection Elected.

Scientists have warned that Bolsonaro’s destructive policies could push the Amazon rainforest to an irreversible tipping point, turning swathes of the tropical forest into savannah. This would make it impossible to control climate change.

“Bolsonaro is not only a risk for indigenous peoples, he turned into a global problem, because what he does here has an impact on the planet,” said Sônia Guajajara, the leader of the Association of Brazil’s Indigenous Peoples. “He commits one crime after another against the peoples of the forest and against the environment.”

In November 2019, Brazilian activists delivered an “informative note” at the ICC arguing that Bolsonaro encouraged the genocide against indigenous people. More than a year later, the prosecutor’s office said it was analysing the case to determine whether it would open an examination.

Eloísa Machado, a member of Brazil’s Human Rights Advocacy Collective who worked on the legal action, said: “Bolsonaro has his actions under analysis now, even if preliminarily.”

Although the proceedings are still at an early stage, Machado said it was an important sign from The Hague: “It is an indication that the facts reported are serious and that the prosecutor’s office is sensitive to the issue.”

  • This article was amended on 1 February 2021 to make clear that Machado’s quotes were referring to the November 2019 case, not the January 2021 case.


For the forests;

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