Sweden 🇸🇪 – as the world leader in cruelty-free research?

Doctors Against Animal Experiments

#Press release#

Fifth country takes a step towards “phasing out animal experiments”
The renowned Karolinska Institute in #Sweden# has published a discussion paper on new methods without animal testing, which is clearly aimed at a paradigm shift in which animal testing is no longer the “gold standard”.

Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm

The Swedish government had already announced that it could become the world leader in animal-free research.

The German association “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” is pleased about the 5th country after the Netherlands, USA,  the Great Britain and Norway, which is taking an important step away from animal experiments.

“The Karolinska Institute’s paper does not yet speak of an exit from animal experiments, but an important first step has been taken, namely to recognize that the future belongs to methods that do not involve animal experiments,” explains Dr. med. vet. Corina Gericke, Vice Chairwoman of “Doctors Against Animal Experiments”.

A placement, not a replacement, is required, i.e. the establishment of animal-free procedures instead of a 1-to-1 replacement of animal experiments.

The word “alternatives” is also not chosen, but rather “new methods” are used.

These are not just a substitute or an alternative, as they offer many more options than animal experiments.

The authors are convinced that the new technologies hold great potential for science, the human environment and health, as well as for the innovative strength of industry.

Several actors from the fields of research, authorities, politics and industry (L’Oréal and AstraZeneca) were interviewed in the 114-page paper.
Many question animal testing as the “gold standard”.

Mice would be cured, but transmission to humans often doesn’t work.
Research needs more human relevance.
The first aim of the report is to promote communication between researchers and other stakeholders.

The Swedish government presented a roadmap for research over the next four years in December 2020.

It says: “Sweden can become a world leader in the field of alternative methods, which can contribute to new jobs as well as new companies. The demand for faster, cheaper and safer test methods is great. “

The Karolinska Institute near Stockholm is one of the largest and most respected medical universities in Europe.
The Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institute annually determines the winner (s) of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Sweden joins the list of countries that are taking steps to phase out animal testing: the Netherlands, USA, Great Britain and Norway.

In a joint campaign with the german Association of “People for Animal Rights” and 13 other organizations,” Doctors Against Animal Experiments” is calling for the German government to develop a concept for phasing out animal experiments.

The demand can be supported by signing an online petition:  http://www.ausstieg-aus-dem-tierversuch.de


Further information and sources: Karolinska Institutet: Att communicera om nya metoder utan djurförsök. 02/2021

And I mean…Directive EU / 2010/63 on animal experiments:
“From an ethical point of view, there should be an upper limit for pain, suffering and fear that must not be exceeded in scientific processes.
To this end, the implementation of procedures that are likely to cause long-lasting and unreliable severe pain, severe suffering or anxiety should be prohibited. “

The EU bans, but Germany does not!
Why are nevertheless animal experiments of severe degree still being carried out in Germany?

Because: The EU prohibits excessive suffering in the laboratory, but allows the member states to make exceptions.
And that is exactly what the German government did with the new version of the Animal Welfare Act: under pressure from the animal experimentation lobby, it has made use of the exception and, apart from a few cosmetic changes, the most important ones remain unchanged.

Therefore, severe animal experiments are still carried out in Germany.

Germany, Tübingen-Max Planck Institute- SOKO undercover

Every civilized, informed and morally developed person disgusts this senseless torture in the name of a pseudoscience, and only a bunch of idiots in laboratories and government posts try to sell the animal experiment business to the public with hollow, factually false and implausible arguments.

Let us now hope that other countries will follow Sweden’s positive example, because in a modern Europe this senseless cruelty to animals has no place.
Most people nowadays do not miss how corrupt, primitive, unscientific work is done in the field of animal testing.

My best regards to all, Venus

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