Animal transports: It is time for decisions and justice.

Why are there animal transport?

Because the EU gives subsidies to the agricultural industry.
That industry, which is nothing more than the killing machine of the “utility” animals, tries to maximize it profits with the life, with the blood and the suffering of these animals.

Hand to Hand endeavor EU and meat industry the maximum profit at the expense of the animals.

Why does EU allow such animal transport?

Because animals are seen as a commodity.
They are held and fattened where feed and labor costs are cheapest.
Therefore piglets are born in Holland, fattened in Spain and slaughtered in Italy.

And if they are transported as potato sacks in the trucks to the cheapest slaughterhouse over a thousand kilometers, all this does not interest the European Union and the Meat Mafia.
It is just about reaching the highest profits with the suffering of the animals and their death.
It’s all about money.

How many animals are transported per year?

Across Europe about 2,438,306,132 “slaughter” animals are transported.
The most farm animals are transported either by truck or by ship.
The ridiculous EU regulations for animal welfare can practically not be respected.
The clock is ticking, the goods must be delivered on time.
There are as good as no breaks for the animals. Only for the driver.
They suffer from cold or heat, in their feces and urine, they get injuries, they bleed, they cry, but because there are usually no control, then they suffer in their mobile graves and many even die there.

There is no limit in the transport of animals.
They last between 35 hours and 7 days or more.

What can we do?

We need to stop eating meat.
We must stop cooperating with the bloody meat mafia.
We have to stop cooperating with those who kill and torture animals.
We need to abolish the hell of animals in the farms, in the live-transport and in the slaughterhouses.
No eating meat is a political act and a hard blow against the barons of the EU and the meat mafia.

It is time for decisions and for justice.

From Venus, with best regards to all

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