Denmark and the “Final Solution to the Wild Boar Question”

Wild boar number “157”, the last known animal in the wild, was shot in the course of ASF prevention.
Denmark is thus temporarily free of wild boar (!!)

With the slaughter of wild boar “157”, there should currently no longer be any wild boar in Denmark (symbol picture)

“157” was observed in South Jutland for months.

Attempts to catch or kill the wild boar had been unsuccessful until then.

The national nature authority assumes with some certainty that there are no more wild boars in the country at the moment.
At least no other animals could be detected for months.


Hunted a total of 157 wild boars to prevent disease

The reason for the total kill are the preventive measures against African swine fever.

In 2018, the inventory was estimated at just 100 black smocks. A total of 157 wild boars have been shot since then.

The Danish wild boar population has always been very manageable compared to Germany.

And I mean…Denmark has done its homicide task.

From July 1941 the aim of the fascist regime in Germany had as aim to murder all of them “as Jews defined persons” in Europe and beyond.
Hermann Göring had called it the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”.

Denmark reminds us that fascism against the weak is not a thing of the past

My best regards to all, Venus

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