US-Pennsylvania: “humane” turkey farm

If you’ve ever shopped at Whole Foods, you may have seen signs posted in the meat department that say things like “enriched environment” and “treated humanely.”
But what a PETA investigator documented at a series of Pennsylvania turkey factory farms tied to a Whole Foods supplier reveals that these signs are probably worth less than the recycled paper they’re printed on.

Farm workers feeding “humanely raised” turkeys to stores such as Whole Foods were filmed torturing animals.

The horrifying masked footage obtained by a worker who was secretly doing a side job for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) also shows that the worker is trampling, kicking, and beating birds.

Taken at Plainville Farm in New Oxford, Pennsylvania. The farm also supplies stores such as Publix and Harris Teeter. After being fatally injured by a worker, the bird was photographed cramping in pain and left to die on the concrete floor of a harshly illuminated barn.

The footage was shot by PETA activists who worked 11 shifts in 10 different plain buildings in July and August this year, claiming that the company is “humanely” raising birds in a “stress-free environment.”
Pennsylvania police have been investigated and told the New York Post Thursday that their animal cruelty office is “currently” reviewing information from animal advocacy groups.

Workers on a plainville farm can be seen picking up large birds with fragile wings and necks before throwing them into the air across the farm.

“Instead of trying to stop this abuse, one supervisor himself kicked a turkey and repeatedly encouraged workers to abuse the bird,” PETA said.

It is about “terrible atrocities.

“A worker picks up a bird, tries to break his neck, and then puts her between his legs. When he hugs her with an injured neck, he mimics masturbation,” PETA reviews from

It is stated in the video. [The worker] Then drop her on the floor, kick her, and let her die.

The disturbing footage shows workers picking turkeys with their necks and fragile wings, throwing them across the room “like a game” to each other and to other turkeys.

Workers can also be seen kicking injured or dying turkeys on the ground.

“Every night, on every farm where the crew worked, investigators saw catchers repeatedly kicking and trampling dozens of turkeys.

Dead and dying turkeys are found every night on all farms. They have not been treated for illness or injury, but instead slowly remain dying in pain.

Instead of trying to stop this abuse, one supervisor himself kicked a turkey and repeatedly encouraged workers to abuse the bird,” PETA said.

He and the other workers accused PETA investigators of not kicking the birds, but instead picking them up and grazing quietly.

PETA investigators captured footage of a worker leaving a trash bag open “like a basketball hoop for throwing birds.”

“Still alive, the turkey trembled and was left dead in severe pain,” added the PETA video narrator.

Following their investigation, PETA said they had filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Police Animal Cruelty Office, which is currently reviewing evidence from the group’s investigation, a PSP spokesman said.

Plainville Farm is also accredited by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), one of North America’s largest animal welfare food labeling programs.
It was created in 2008 by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market.

PETA said GAP certification for plain building farms is nothing more than a “consumer fraud.”

“All turkey sandwiches represent the pain and fear of a gentle bird that showed no tenderness in his or her short and sad life,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Rayman said in a statement.

Plainville Farms boasts on its website that “humanitarian treatment is at the heart of our business,” and “they promote the health of our herds and animals every day, and the stress of not knowing hunger.
We keep them in an environment without stress. “

“We do everything we can to ensure that the herd is comfortable, whether on a family-owned farm or in transit. We are on a family-owned farm in a stress-free environment.
We grow herds and maintain the same level of care during stress-free transportation”.

Plainville Farms, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and Publix declined to comment on the

And I mean…You don’t have to be a vegan to find something like that shit.
If PETA’s undercover hadn’t taken action here, there would still be turkey cadavers in the barn.

And the good meat eater who read the news would be outraged by such a crime: How can the farm workers treat animals like that?
That is the common moral of our society – get outraged and do nothing.

People who work in the slaughterhouse and massacre hundreds of animals every day MUST be dull and lacking in empathy, that’s the basic qualification to be able to do the job at all.
Who slits throats every day and is compassionate with animals? And anyone who does not have or does not learn this qualification is thrown out.

But when the carnivores buy and eat animals, they pay those who make money to do the dirty work.
They are not innocent of these crimes if they still consume animal products … their money is what they want.

But there can still be thousands of videos like this, one just rationalizes them further as “blatant exception”, “individual misconduct” and “unconscionable farm workers”.

The main thing is to keep eating meat, no cruelty to animals can be so great as to damage the enjoyment

My best regards to all, Venus

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