Day: August 30, 2021

USA- animal suffering on Home Chef’s chicken supply chain

Report: Animal Equality

On traditional farms, chickens live a life of pure misery.

They are bred to grow at an alarmingly unnatural rate, which causes leg deformities, organ failure, and heart attacks in these baby birds.
Each flock, which consists of tens of thousands of birds, are kept in dirty, windowless sheds. They are forced to live in their own waste with ammonia levels so concentrated that many suffer from painful chemical burns.

Chickens in a German fattening farm.

Then these birds are brought to slaughter, they are violently shackled upside down.
Their throats are then slit, often while they’re still conscious.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Over 200 brands in the United States have adopted the “Better Chicken Commitment”, a comprehensive set of welfare reforms that address the worst abuses suffered by chickens on today’s farms.
Even Home Chef’s competitors, including Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and Sun Basket, have stepped up and put an end to the most horrific practices.

Pat Vihtelic has the power and responsibility to address the animal cruelty allowed in Home Chef’s chicken supply chain. Please join us in calling on him to eliminate the worst abuses for animals by publicly committing to higher chicken welfare.


Modern chickens are bred to grow so large, so quickly that their legs and organs cannot keep up. Heart attacks, organ failure, and crippling leg deformities are a common result. Many birds die from not being able to reach their food or water.


As standard industry practice, chickens are forced to live in a completely barren environment.
Because there is no set standard for cleaning the substrate on which they live, ammonia from the urine and feces covers the floor and causes burns on the chickens’ bellies and feet.

They are subjected to near-constant, low-intensity artificial lighting with short periods of continuous darkness and virtually no stimulating resources or ability to perform natural behaviors such as nesting, perching, and foraging.


Most chickens spend their entire lives packed in sheds with tens of thousands of other birds. Such poor stocking density leads to numerous welfare issues, especially when coupled with low cleanliness standards.

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India: 300 stray dogs poisoned, killed and dumped in a pit!

An animals rights activist raised concern on deaths of 300 stray dogs dumped near a lake in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh state.

Srilatha Challapalli, a treasurer of the Challapalli charitable trust and Fight for Animals activist alleges poisoning among the street in dogs by Lingapalem village authorities in an attempt to reduce their population in the area.

Challapalli claims that the local authority hired animal killers to poison the strays on 24th of July, in Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district, instead of sterilizing them.

“After receiving the information, I visited the spot and found many dog carcasses. They were in a semi-decomposed state. In my inquiry I found that the Lingapalem local village officials hired some animal killers and injected the dogs with poison and killed them,” she said.

A heartbreaking scene was discovered near a lake in southern India — the bodies of 300 dogs had been cruelly disposed of in a mass grave in the village of Lingapalem. Local animal welfare activists have reason to believe that someone individually injected each of these poor pups with poison before disposing of them so callously.

Police from Dharmajigudem, a neighboring village, have already started an investigation.

But the poisonings were apparently ordered by local Lingapalem authorities themselves, so we need to make sure this investigation is thorough, accurate, and free from any corruption (?)

Show police that the world is watching by adding your name!

These 300 dogs were actually meant to be humanely spayed or neutered, and then released. Those are India’s official government guidelines on how to deal with an overpopulation of stray dogs.

But according to Challapalli charitable trust, a local organization that works on all sorts of animal issues, Lingapalem local authorities hired “animal killers” to do away with the defenseless dogs completely, breaking with official protocol — and the law itself.

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