Day: August 22, 2021

Spain- the city of Gij贸n bans bullfighting


The Spanish city of Gij贸n has decided to renounce the non-tradition of bullfighting, which is widespread on the Iberian Peninsula.
This cruelty to animals lies like a wicked curse over Spain and has always been arousing people around the world.
Now, at least in Gij贸n, it is over and the whole thing is thanks to a “feminist”!!

This commendable step was sparked last weekend when a bull named “Feminist” and his colleague “Nigerian came to an abrupt end in the city in the north of the country in the 133-year-old bullring “El Bibio”.
This led to the ethically correct decision of Mayor Ana Gonz谩lez Rodr铆guez.

Since their death, the two bulls have become symbols of the fight against the controversial “sport” of bullfighting.

Quote Ana Gonz谩lez Rodr铆guez, who can be assigned to the socialists:
“A city that believes in equality between women and men, that believes in integration, the doors that are open to everyone, cannot allow such a thing.”

“Treating animals this way cannot be part of our culture, nor can we receive public money”

She is now accused of having acted only because of the names of the animals, but the many animals that no longer have to go to the arena in Gij贸n will not care much – the main thing is that the spook is over in Gij贸n.

Opponents accuse the mayor’s arguments of idiocy.
Quote Daniel Ruiz, bull breeder in the region:
“Cows are the most important animals on a cattle farm. And the bulls get their names from the females they gave birth.”
So also “feminists” and “Nigerians” who were not explicitly selected for that bullfight.

The socialists in Spain have been vehement opponents of this terrible cruelty to animals for a long time.
Unfortunately, no city leader can simply forbid it, because in 2013 this barbaric torture and murder of innocent living beings was declared a national cultural asset, and thus only the central state can impose a ban according to the constitutional court.
However, the mayor avoided this fact and simply canceled the expiring contract with the bullfighting organization for the use of the arena.
This is very much due to their competencies.

According to her own statements, she is happy to accept the approximately 鈧 50,000 / year loss for the city as a result.
Many suspect a political issue behind the matter, because the torero who killed “feminists” and “Nigerians” in cold blood is a supporter of the opponents of the socialists, the right-wing conservative VOX.

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Murder and torture in pig fattening: the problem lies in the system.

Unfortunately, it is no exception that piglets that are actually viable are killed and disposed of like rubbish.
As always, the problem lies in the system.
In order to further increase the profitability of pig breeders, sows have been bred in recent years to 鈥減roduce鈥 more and more offspring.

Thrown away like garbage

For this purpose, the animals were even bred additional pairs of ribs. However, a mother pig usually does not have enough teats to care for all of her babies.

In addition, with the unnaturally high number of piglets, weaker animals are born with almost every birth.

These would require more intensive care and often do not gain weight as quickly as their siblings. Even if it is forbidden by law to take an animal from economic Killing an animal for economic reasons is part of everyday life in pig breeding.

And I mean…Rows of sows, individually locked in small, narrow crates. Never having rest, never being able to stretch their legs without getting into the neighboring cage – a miserable life…
This torment is forbidden even under the law, and yet it is practiced.
Many of the animals have flesh wounds, foam at the mouth or chew restlessly.

The fact that the individual living creature counts for nothing in pig breeding and fattening is also shown by the accepted loss calculation with regard to the death of piglets: Because many of the animals are born weak and sick due to the targeted breeding for the largest possible litters, they are born from employees are stunned with a blow to the head before they are killed or thrown alive in the trash, where they die in agony.

It is common practice to knock the weak against the wall, simply without anesthesia, to hit the three-day babies against the edge…something like that is allowed!!

And the rest of these highly sensitive and highly intelligent animals that survive this cruel procedure are locked up in halls with a pathetic stench on slatted floors.
The animals live on their feces, over tons of this fecal matter.
THAT alone is torture, we don’t even need to talk about a few square meters more space plus or minus.

Anyone who earns their money in slave trade, exploitation and murder has neither conscience nor compassion.
Nothing should surprise us, because every crime, every sadism, every professional perversion is allowed.

Thanks to the fascist system that supports them.
Thanks to the carnivores who keep this system alive

My best regards to all, Venus