Day: August 1, 2021

Germany: “kamikaze pigeon” equipped with fish hooks!

Report of the Committee Against Bird Murder”

Brutal cruelty to animals-House pigeon equipped with fish hooks:

The colleagues from the association “City pigeons” Buchholz e.V. were notified of a live house pigeon that had been prepared with four fish hooks.

The razor-sharp hooks were anchored in the bird’s skin. The animal was found in the city center of Buchholz (Harburg district, Lower Saxony) and fortunately survived the ordeal largely unscathed.
Such “kamikaze pigeons” are usually used to kill peregrine falcons or hawks.

Suspects are mostly pigeon keepers who see the protected birds of prey as competitors for their hobby – namely races.

Anyone who has information in a specific case from Buchholz – for example on the possible origin of the pedigree pigeon used – is welcome to contact Buchholz city pigeons or the committee against bird murder.

And I mean…These are the same people who were concentration camp guards 80 years ago, that is to say, sadists.

They don’t keep pigeons out of love for animals but for reasons of prestige. If one of them doesn’t work, they’ll probably have their neck twisted on the spot.

I have two lolonies of pigeons in my city that I feed since two years every day- it is about 150 animals
It’s illegal in Germany, but I and my clients don’t give a shit.

But even worse than the hostile law against the pigeons is a hateful society against these peaceful animals, which calls the pigeons “Flying Rates”!

And the children of this society, the small children who learned from home “we go hunting pigeons” and terrorize the animals with kicks in places where they can get something to eat.

Obviously a moral change in society’s consciousness is not subject to an evolutionary autopilot.
In other words: what we did not understand centuries ago, we cannot understand today either.
That animals are not our slaves, not our food, not our objects of torture.

Today we are living the greatest apartheid system of all time, making the most intensive use of all technical and scientific possibilities: everything for the well-being of people and everything for the exploitation of animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

Crooper and Jack- the Pet Foxes

A red fox named Cropper was found on the side of a road and rescued by The Fox Project in Turnbridge Wells in England.
Due to being badly injured and ill (toxoplasmosis), the rescue could not let him return to the wild.

For this reason, they just had two choices: put down him or find him a home. However, it was very difficult to look for a home for a wild animal.

Everything got stuck until Mike Trowler, a retired engineer appeared.

Mike said that he was impressed by fox behavior and spent his time dealing with them. For this reason, Mike took Cropper home and nursed him back to health.
In addition to taking care of injured foxes, he also helps orphaned fox cubs and fosters them until they can be come back into the wild.

During the time at his new house, Cropper was cared by Mike’s patience, love and determination and became a member of Mike’s family.
He often stolen food from the dog’s dish, played with the cats and loved to curl up with Mike.

The two quickly formed an unlikely friendship and the video below will show you their incredible story.

Sadly, after six happy years with Mike, Cropper crossed the rainbow bridge in 2007.
Then, another fox named Jack moved into Mike’s house.
Although Jack is a wild animal, he is so sweet and adorable. He loves watching TV with Mike and taking a bath in the sink.

According to Mike, foxes should not be kept as pets unless they have health problems and cannot return the wild.
He also warns that fostering foxes takes a great deal of patience and you have to understand about their behavior.

Fortunately, it’s not just the hunters who shoot foxes out of sadism and pleasure. There is also Mike Trowler!
It is wonderful to have such an intelligent and kind animal as a friend and through this relationship a person will certainly learn a lot about the own live and how to behave towards other animals.

To be a compassionate person – that is what you learn from animals.

Best regards to all, Venus