Spain- the city of Gijón bans bullfighting


The Spanish city of Gijón has decided to renounce the non-tradition of bullfighting, which is widespread on the Iberian Peninsula.
This cruelty to animals lies like a wicked curse over Spain and has always been arousing people around the world.
Now, at least in Gijón, it is over and the whole thing is thanks to a “feminist”!!

This commendable step was sparked last weekend when a bull named “Feminist” and his colleague “Nigerian came to an abrupt end in the city in the north of the country in the 133-year-old bullring “El Bibio”.
This led to the ethically correct decision of Mayor Ana González Rodríguez.

Since their death, the two bulls have become symbols of the fight against the controversial “sport” of bullfighting.

Quote Ana González Rodríguez, who can be assigned to the socialists:
“A city that believes in equality between women and men, that believes in integration, the doors that are open to everyone, cannot allow such a thing.”

“Treating animals this way cannot be part of our culture, nor can we receive public money”

She is now accused of having acted only because of the names of the animals, but the many animals that no longer have to go to the arena in Gijón will not care much – the main thing is that the spook is over in Gijón.

Opponents accuse the mayor’s arguments of idiocy.
Quote Daniel Ruiz, bull breeder in the region:
“Cows are the most important animals on a cattle farm. And the bulls get their names from the females they gave birth.”
So also “feminists” and “Nigerians” who were not explicitly selected for that bullfight.

The socialists in Spain have been vehement opponents of this terrible cruelty to animals for a long time.
Unfortunately, no city leader can simply forbid it, because in 2013 this barbaric torture and murder of innocent living beings was declared a national cultural asset, and thus only the central state can impose a ban according to the constitutional court.
However, the mayor avoided this fact and simply canceled the expiring contract with the bullfighting organization for the use of the arena.
This is very much due to their competencies.

According to her own statements, she is happy to accept the approximately € 50,000 / year loss for the city as a result.
Many suspect a political issue behind the matter, because the torero who killed “feminists” and “Nigerians” in cold blood is a supporter of the opponents of the socialists, the right-wing conservative VOX.

Animal rights activists worldwide don’t care – the main thing is that the animals have their peace and quiet in Gijón.

In the meantime, support for this medieval tradition has unfortunately come from Madrid.
The head of government of the region (a woman), which is a member of the People’s Party, announced millions in aid for organizers of bullfighting festivals, along with a reduction in VAT for this bloodthirsty industry from 21 to just 4% (!!!)
Only areas that offer essential goods and services enjoy this privilege in Spain.
This demonstratively shows what barbarous spirit this lady is.

We very much welcome Ana González Rodríguez’s decision.
Bullfighting is nothing more than the cowardly slaughter of innocent creatures for the amusement of an audience without empathy.
Finally, a politician is pushing his way against the bullfighting lobby.
We appeal to the Spanish government and to all other mayors of the country to do the same to Gijón and finally to ban these blood orgies.
Ana González Rodríguez showed how easy it is.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Please also sign all of this petition, which also deals with the prohibition of bullfighting, so that a little justice can be done for these animals:

Text: Together for the animals

And I mean…We are big defenders of the “bullfighting” bulls. We care for them and have their best interest at heart. We don’t want them to die in great suffering.
What all anti-bullfighting activists want and try to achieve is that they live and prosper.

There are definitely ways to keep these bulls on the land on which they were born without sending these innocent and completely defenseless animals into the arenas or in the barbaric fiestas and massacring them and torturing them to death in this way.

At least 130 million and possibly 180 million of the EU’s agricultural subsidies go to breeders who raise bulls for bullfighting or other bloody shows with bulls.
These subsidies contain around 31 million euros in tax money from Germany, as it contributes 24 percent of the EU budget.

This means that German taxpayers – whether intentionally or unintentionally – help finance the cruel bullfights in Spain.
About 75% of the Spaniards, French and Portuguese reject bullfighting, we do it too and fight with all means to abolish it.

¡Muchas gracias a González Rodríguez! El tiempo corre para los toros!!

My best regards to all, Venus

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