France: The Oise department approved a fox massacre. Brigitte Bardot fights back!

Brigitte Bardot describes the decision of the Prefect of the Department of Oise, who approved the killing of 3,000 foxes a week ago as a “massacre”.

3,000 of the predators are supposed to be hunted in the French department of Oise, but the former actress wants to prevent that.
Brigitte Bardot is outraged.
The former diva of the French film and meanwhile radical animal rights activist wants to prevent a “massacre” in her own words. 3,000 foxes are to be shot north of Paris, in the French department of Oise, in the next few months.

In an open letter on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, Brigitte Bardot denounced the “stupid decree” and wants to take it to court.

“Your murderous decree is nothing more than submission to the hunting lobby”( Brigitte Bardot )

“These animals are a wealth for biodiversity,” writes Brigitte Bardot to Corinne Orzechowski, the prefect of the region.
She trusts that the pressure from hobby hunters will not be given in.
The decree was simply issued in the town hall, without a public hearing – which is mandatory.

The hunters defend themselves against the allegations

The dispute over foxhunting had already started in the spring. It was then announced that the number of wild animals was to be decimated.
But animal rights activists in France made the matter public, threatened with protests and the decree was unceremoniously withdrawn by the administration in view of the public attention.
So now follows the second attempt to open the hunt for the foxes in the Oise department, write theStuttgart News”

However, the wild animal killers are now speaking out vehemently and are unjustly pilloried.
Guy Harlé d’Ophove, President of the Oise Hobby Hunters Association, admits that of course no animal in the forest is really harmful.
But above a certain number it becomes problematic.
“The fox has no natural enemies and reproduces quickly,” explains Guy Harlé d’Ophove with his hunter ramblings.
It is not about exterminating the foxes. It is even useful because the robber eats sick animals and carrion.
But in nature there has to be a balance between the species, and in this case hobby hunters take care of that (!!!)
The aim is to limit the fox population that has grown due to the canceled hunts during the corona lockdown.

A petition on the Internet aims to stop the massacre

Brigitte Bardot and her colleagues, however, consider this to be an advanced argument. Because for the hobby hunter, the foxes are an unwelcome competition.
The predators would also prey on small game such as hares or partridges, these are the preferred targets of the numerous wild animal killers in France.

Numerous associations and citizens were outraged about the approval to kill 3,000 foxes. A petition has so far collected over 45,000 signatures against the decision of the Oise Prefecture.
Brigitte Bardot has now joined forces to defend the foxes.

Petition (sign and share):

And I mean: The hunters have in fact failed.
Therefore they try to justify the approved massacre with lies
I mean, you don’t have to be an anti-hunter to find such arguments shitty.

In nature it is intended that every living being becomes food so that every species can survive. Those who have a lot of “predators” produce a lot of offspring in order to preserve their own species.
That is normal.
If this were not the case, an imbalance would arise.
However, this balance is severely disturbed by hunting.

It is a deliberate lie to claim that hunting can significantly reduce the fox population. The opposite is the case, as scientists and wildlife biologists can show.
That means: the hunt favors high fox populations!

The more vehemently these animals are chased, the higher their reproductive rate.
They compensate for the losses through more births and / or increased immigration.
Nature arranged it that way.

The hunters have absolutely no interest in the fox population.
They only want to decimate hawks, weasels, foxes and the like because they want to beat and collect their prey themselves.
They hunt because they enjoy shooting animals, leaving them bloody on the ground and letting them die in agony.

The times are apparently finally over when the hunters in the woods could do what they wanted.
And anyone who disagreed was intimidated “eclectic”.

There is no hunter ideology,only a fraction of what the majority of the population wants is implemented
Not what a minority of militant animal killers would like.

My best regards to all, Venus

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