The dirty tricks of the transport mafia

Report from the Animals ‘Angels organisation

Animals ‘Angels inspects animal transports during a heat wave in northern Greece. We meet an “old friend” – a transporter whom we have already observed repeatedly – and in whose transports we have repeatedly found the same violations: too many lambs cooped up on four loading areas, at far too high temperatures.

We are all the more astonished at the first moment when he drives over the Romanian border to Greece early in the morning.

The temperatures are still mild and the lambs are only loaded on three loading levels (as has been required by the veterinary offices in Romania since this year).
The lambs have more space above them, which should allow better air circulation.
But appearances are deceptive.

Our faint hope is soon shattered when the truck pulls off the freeway and parks on a remote street.
The drivers load additional animals in a stall.
The Romanian lambs are meanwhile being squeezed into four loading levels to make room for the new animals.

The Romanian arrangement is thus boldly bypassed, much to the suffering of the lambs: They are now standing close to each other on four loading levels, can neither lift their heads nor reach the drinking troughs, let alone regulate their body temperature. They suffer from enormous heat stress.

If this is not enough, the newly loaded sheep, lambs and goats are not even identified as required by law.
We immediately alert the authorities to have the transport checked.

After countless calls, he is stopped by the police at noon. Shortly afterwards, two vets arrive. We describe the incidents, the control by the authorities is quick.

Because at temperatures of 38 ° C, the confinement in the vehicle quickly becomes a death trap for the animals.
We accompany the animals to their destination and measure up to 40 ° C outside temperature.
The heat, combined with the narrowness, the accumulation of ammonia gases and the lack of access to water must have been unbearable for Raluca, Barbala and their fellows.

Our complaint is already written. We are committed to ensuring that this carrier is no longer allowed to transport animals.

And I mean…Always new tricks to cover up their criminal offenses; this only shows that no transport company is afraid of the law.
A fine is useless, it could be paid from the postage account.
Professional ban for the transport company, that could be useful

My best regards to all, Venus

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