Shitstorm against the German “Torera” Kreutter

Clara Sofie Kreutter rode through the arena on a horse, killed two bulls, posed with the animals’ ears cut off – and was “overjoyed” to have fulfilled her dream.

On the other hand, a shit storm is raging against the German “torera”. Many on our Facebook accounts are also outraged by the gruesome spectacle that is still a tradition in Spain.

“A lifelong dream of killing a bull ??? Sounds perverse, this custom should be abolished,” comments a woman and also hits a nerve with many readers.

“Scrap – that’s all you can say about Sofie Kreutter ….” – August 16, 2021

The tenor is very clear: the bullfight, which usually only has one loser, has to stop.

The reactions are sometimes even more violent, including on Twitter.
Some users even wish Kreutter a fate similar to that of the slain bull.

Where can I bet on it? @Tipico_de? Fuffi on the bull! I hope that Ms. Kreutter will be taken properly by the horns. May her dream cause her a lot of pain”. – August 16, 2021

The tenor is very clear: the bullfight, which usually only has one loser, has to stop.

In Ledana, Spain, there were 1,100 spectators in the arena who cheered when Clara Sofie Kreutter (31) gave the bull the fatal blow. Or at least tried to.
On the first try, she does not succeed in a perfect lance push!

Because when the German wanted to inflict the fatal blow on the first 700-kilogram bull with her lance, she hit him too far back and too diagonally instead of vertically.
The animal dragged itself bleeding through the arena until it finally died in agony.

The German “torera” hit the second bull “right” in the neck. As a trophy for the second fatal blow, Clara Sofie Kreutter received the ears of the slain bull, with which she laughed and posed for photos.

Then she was carried out of the arena by spectators with two other toreras on the shoulders.

And what does she herself say about this massacre, which is considered a “sport” in Spain?

“I wasn’t nervous, but excited. But I’m glad that everything went so well. “
Worked well? She doesn’t say a word about the torture of the bull, saying to the cheering of the audience: “I would never have dared to dream that, I was absolutely overjoyed.”

PETA Germany had the facts carefully examined and now reported the woman to the public prosecutor.

Criticism does not only come from organizations. Numerous Instagram users visited the 31-year-old’s profile and tackled the torera hard. In the meantime, Kreutter has switched her profile to private.
Now the German is hoping for a career as a professional bullfighter.

And I mean…Clara Sofie Kreutter has just had her premiere as a bullfighter. Bullfighter – that means, she murders animals.

Well … that just proves that if you come from one of the most civilized countries in Europe, you don’t automatically acquire the education, empathy and mind that will save you from choosing a job with animal suffering and animal murder.
It is therefore a shame, especially for a German, to professionally serve primitive traditions from the Middle Ages with enthusiasm although that person had every opportunity to learn a decent job.

Therefore it can be concluded that the ambitious German torera chose a job because it offers her pleasure in the suffering of another.
And whoever finds the highest perversion and joy in the suffering of others must be subject to the strictest punishment and social ostracism.

My best regards to all, Venus

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