Germany and its disabled authority

SOKO Animal Welfare Association -Report-

Germany again! Place names: Düdenbüttel / Stade in Lower Saxony
This time no cattle are tortured, but a pig is buried alive.
Passers-by discover live pigs among a pile of dead animals.

People like to accuse us of informing the authorities too late and practicing vigilante justice.

Therefore: 5 minutes after receipt of the video of the courageous passers-by, SOKO Animal Welfare Association calls the Stade police, 10 minutes later the written criminal complaint was issued.

Police Stade just doesn’t do anything!

It was a terrible sight.
Dead pigs pile up in the blazing sun in front of the door of a pig fattening facility.
Birds peck the eyes out of the animals. Some of the carcasses are heavily decayed, one animal is apparently alive, the movements of the animal between the dead conspecifics can be clearly seen.
The second case of this kind in Lower Saxony is in a few days.

This is a particularly disgusting violation of the Animal Welfare Act. What could be worse than being buried alive?
We immediately filed a criminal complaint against the fattener with thousands of animals for violating §17 TschG.
The Stade police announced that they would send a police car immediately (!!)

Unfortunately, when asked by the police, SOKO Animal Welfare had to find out that no police officers had gone out to help the poor pig, no pig was rescued and the evidence must have been destroyed in the meantime at the carcass disposal.

Update: In the meantime the police have corrected their original statement from this morning and announced that a police car was on site.

However, one could not have met the owner of the facility, nor could a living animal have been found in the numerous dead pigs.
In addition, the police could not find our ad either (!!)
(Of course we have the confirmation of receipt)

The fattening facility has a history: The monster barn with over 5000 pigs was even illegally built.
Animals have been illegally kept there for years since 2013, and operated illegally..

In the slaughterhouse in Düdenbüttel near Stade, illegally ill and injured cattle were systematically slaughtered and the meat traded across the EU.
The company’s animal transporters dragged the animals brutally and with full consciousness into the vehicles using a winch.

This failure of the authorities shows once again why the direct intervention of animal rights activists is necessary, because the police cannot be relied on for animal welfare.

The sad thing: if the animal rights activists had acted directly, they would now be on the run from the police.

And I mean…New, terrible news every few days … and again this ignorant, this good-for-nothing, the German authorities…
They are not even ashamed to pretend that they allegedly did not find the criminal complaint ?????
A shame!

The German Animal Welfare Act is not even worth the paper it is on.

This is a banana republic here. Of course, they couldn’t find the living animal, it was finally dead or an employee quickly brought it around the corner.

Germany … Why are we actually paying taxes for a civil servant apparatus that no longer works?
Why do we pay the corrupt official veterinarians when they are usually on the payroll of the animal exploiters who monitor them or, more precisely, to whom they sign that everything is great?

Many thanks to SOKO animal rights activists, they do the worst job for all of us.

My best regards to all, Venus

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