USA: Horses Reportedly Kept for Illegal Slaughter and Stored With Decomposing Animals Deserve Justice – Petition.

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Horses Reportedly Kept for Illegal Slaughter and Stored With Decomposing Animals Deserve Justice – Animal Petitions

Target: Chandler, Arizona City Prosecutor Elizabeth Herbert

Goal: Ensure man charged with cruelty to horses faces maximum punishment.

Three horses were reportedly neglected and starved until they became so malnourished that they needed immediate medical attention. Police reportedly found the unfortunate animals on a ranch belonging to Taha Hussain, after receiving a tip from a concerned neighbor. Hussain has since been arrested on six total counts of alleged animal cruelty offenses. After obtaining a proper search warrant, the police reportedly went back to seize the horses and examine the rest of the property. During this investigation, they claimed to have additionally found multiple animal remains and tools for slaughtering, leading them to believe that Hussain had been slaughtering animals for profit without a license.

The horses, all aged 17-20, are currently under the care of the Arizona Department of Agriculture, where they are being treated for their injuries and nursed back to health. They were apparently forced to live in dangerous and unsanitary conditions near other animal remains, creating multiple small wounds across their bodies and a breeding ground for possible infection. Hussain was taken by officers to the Maricopa County Jail for alleged animal cruelty crimes and slaughtering without a license.

The animals will be re-homed and allowed to live out the rest of their lives in peace. The same cannot be said for the other animals allegedly slaughtered, who’s improper disposal appears to be nothing short of cruel. Sign the petition below to demand that, if found guilty, Hussain will face the maximum penalty for the animal cruelty charges.


Dear Prosecutor Herbert,

As prosecuting attorney in Chandler, you are in a unique position to help with an important case. Officers in your district recently arrested Taha Hussain on six counts of alleged animal cruelty, reportedly finding his property covered in animal remains and tools for slaughtering, for which Hussain reportedly does not possess an official license. They also seized three apparently neglected horses, transporting them to an animal hospital for immediate care.

While it is too late for any slaughtered animals to be saved, the three remaining deserve justice for what they apparently went through. They were reportedly found in unsafe conditions, covered in surface injuries, and emaciated from hunger. Please do everything in your power to ensure that Hussain receives the maximum penalty if found guilty and is banned from further animal ownership in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Chandler Police Department

Regards Mark

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