Basque-Animal Liberation Front: “Hunting licenses go up, but hunting towers go down”

Received anonymously by Animal Liberation Pressoffice

Fifteen hunting towers and seven posts attacked in Jaizkibel, Jarindo, Kastañarri, Gorbeia, Arrikurutz and mount Kintoa. The Basque Animal Liberation Front denounces the “deplorable state” and the slaughter of animals by hunters.

“We will not be passively looking elsewhere as long as the sensitive creatures of other species are exploited, oppressed, or killed,” the members of the Basque People ‘s Animal Liberation Front stated in a communique about the attacks on the hunting towers and posts on the night of 31 August and 1 September.

“Hunting licenses go up, but hunting towers go down”.

“As long as violence, domination, and murder of human and other animals continues to be normal, we see “legitimate and necessary” to attack companies, institutions, or structures that promote and reproduce such oppression.”

The Animal Liberation Front is a clandestine organization operating in various countries worldwide, with no known leader or public face, and carrying out direct action for animal rights.
The last few days are not the only actions the Front has taken in the Basque Country.

For example, in December 2018, several hunting stations were also damaged and in May and June of the same year, cement was dumped on the runway at Iruñera to create obsstruction and a fire was set in the bull fighting stadium.

And Imean…Hunters are psychopaths and as we know psychopaths have tremendous criminal energy and endurance.
Instead of locking them up in a psychiatric institution (which would also cause costs for the family), I find it much more economical to destroy their criminal craft.

Many thanks to the activists ♥ Great Job!

My best regards to all, Venus


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