Tattoos for animals is cruelty to animals

Text: Together for the Animals (“Gemeinsam für die Tiere”)

In the past you were considered a criminal with a tattoo, but today you are often looked at wrong if you don’t wear one.
But what is common to all people who have the color in the flesh?

They do it voluntarily and accept the associated pain for their little work of art.
Forcing a person to have a tattoo or forcing them to tattoo is coercion, mutilation and grievous bodily harm. And of course punishable!

A new trend is emerging among mindless pet owners: Tattoos for Animals.
They have their pigs, dogs, cats etc. decorated with painful pictures.
An animal does not even want a tattoo, nor has it consented to the pain associated with it.

No animal voluntarily lets a needle penetrate its flesh thousands and thousands of times until the injected color forms an image determined by the animal owner.
So it happens with coercion and violence, whereby both the animal keeper and the “artist” can be described as perpetrators.
It’s not a fashion trend, it’s just pure cruelty to animals.

Giving an animal pain for no good reason is against the law: For example, the administrative courts in Germany and Austria have decided – Ergo, it is illegal and must be severely punished, apart from the fact that it is morally reprehensible.

The passage “justified reason” in the legal text can be disputed because, strictly speaking, there is never a justifying reason for violence against other living beings.

We strictly reject this form of alleged art.
Tattoos are for people who get it done of their own free will, but never for animals.
There must be international action here and an offense punished accordingly, for animal keepers and tattooists.

Prison sentences and a lifetime prohibition of practicing the craft of tattooing seem to us only more than fair.
Leave tattoos where they belong: under human skin !!!

Please also all of you sign this petition against this cruel cruelty to animals, the animals will thank you:

And I mean…There are countless photos circulating on the Internet showing dogs and cats with tattoos and nose rings.
How does one get this perverse idea to do something like this to his pet?

Who says animals would agree to wear tattoos? 
There is no question that something like this is reprehensible for ethical reasons and that it is animal cruelty to do such a thing to an animal, because tattooing is pretty painful.

In some countries and after years of pressure from animal rights activists, tattooing or piercing of animals is already banned

In Mexico, for example, animal rights activists campaigned for a ban on tattoos and piercings on animals.
After this pressure, a new draft law should prohibit tattooing on pets for aesthetic reasons and punish the tattooing or piercing of animals with the equivalent of more than 1,000 euros.
The environmental protection commission of the Congress of Mexico City had already unanimously approved the new ban.

In Germany and Austria it is forbidden to have animals tattooed for aesthetic reasons and to cause them pain for no reason.

In New York there has even been an official ban since this year. According to the law, pets are no longer allowed to be tattooed or pierced.
“It’s cruelty to animals, it’s that simple,” said Andrew Cuomo, ex-governor of New York.

In the twenty-first century, after years of fighting over a ban on docking ears and tail for aesthetic reasons, we are still forced to look at shameful photos like these that are still circulating on the internet.
It’s not cool, it’s not aesthetics, it’s a degradation of animal dignity and a cruelty to animals that gets under the skin.

My best regards to all, Venus

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