Germany: the disgusting action of a farmer

After a wolf tear: Farmer hangs up dead cattle in the village!!!

In a Brandenburg town, a wolf is ripping off a cattle in a paddock.
The farmer hangs it up so that it can be seen by pedestrians and drivers.
To this end, he writes on a cardboard sign: “Wolf sacrifice. Thanks to the dreamers in this country. “

In a small town in Brandenburg, a farmer caused quite a stir.
Jens Schreinike keeps cattle in a paddock.
According to him, one of them fell victim to a wolf on Friday night.

He and his father had hung the torn cattle on the family property in such a way that it was visible to passers-by and motorists, reports the “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung” (MAZ).

A cardboard sign above said: “Wolf sacrifice. Thanks to the dreamers in this country. “

In the afternoon, by order of the police, Schreinike had to remove the cattle again.
“It was a spontaneous action after the wolf tear. We wanted to show people that behind the numbers in the crack statistics there are such images, ”the farmer explained to the“ MAZ ”.
They are pictures that he and his colleagues in Brandenburg would see on a regular basis.

For the farmer Schreinike it is incomprehensible that the wolf is strictly protected throughout Germany. Violations can result in severe penalties – up to five years in prison are possible:

This is exactly how it looks in reality when snatched animals are rescued from the pasture,” Schreinike told the newspaper.
“We are not allowed to defend our property, we have to accept it. As a grazing animal owner, you feel like someone who is tied up and also being beaten, ”he said.
Only through actions like these would the location of the grazing animal keepers be made visible. “Otherwise nobody would notice.”
Schreinike: “High protection status no longer justified” (!!!)

Schreinike calls on politicians at federal and state level to rethink and act. The wolf population must be regulated. The wolf population in Brandenburg is so large “that the high protection status is no longer justified,” the farmer told the newspaper “MAZ”.

And I mean…And when his beloved animals are “torn” by the butcher – he then also hangs them up in public with a cardboard sign: “Human sacrifices. Thanks to the meat eaters in this country “?
Same thing, other perpetrators.

Every day in Germany “according to the Federal Statistical Office, an average of more than two million animals are slaughtered”.
Per day!
And … “150 billion animals are slaughtered worldwide every year, 4756 per second …”
All wolves in the world won’t even manage that in 100 years!

Shepherds howl when wolves, bears or eagles steal a sheep from them, but I have never seen a shepherd cry in front of a three-story truck that carries sheep hundreds of kilometers on top of each other through a heat of 35 ° or even 40 °.

Their “grazing” animals are ultimately also brutally killed in slaughterhouses without any control and carted into the mobile coffins on all the highways of the world.
And that is subsidized.

But woe oh woe, when the wolf comes and kills an animal, because predators do not practice environmentally damaging factory farming, they eat what is there or starve to death.

Then the ambitious hunter and the “animal-loving” farmer, including the press, transform into courageous “Bambi”- protectors.
And then it goes happily on the witch hunt against the bad wolf!

The wolf is not the culprit.
The real criminals are those who enslave animals out of economic interest, torture them and finally give them to the slaughterhouse for massacre

My best regards to all, Venus

5 thoughts on “Germany: the disgusting action of a farmer”

  1. Interesting counterpoints to the usual arguments, though I believe the cattlemen view wolves as a pest, much like vermin. I have to wonder if vegans believe they are guiltless when a turbine tractor tears through field mice and the like so they can have a salad, though. Maybe too much of a straw-man argument on both sides.


    1. @Strawman,

      1) Not only vegans eat salad, everyone eats a salad.
      That said, the argument that vegans are guilty of the alleged deaths of animals, dying under the wheels of a tractor for the salad, is invalid.

      2) The death of these animals that you mentioned doesn’t just happen in lettuce fields.
      Basically a large number of deer fawns, hares, wild boars, pet animals fall victim to huge tractors when they mow grass meadows and corn fields.
      But maize and cut meadow grass (so-called “cattle-fodder”) is used for factory farming, that means indirectly for humans who eat meat, not for Vegans.
      One comment = two wrong statements! congratulations!



    1. I also have no idea what you are doing on our side.
      I only know what we do on this site, what we call a blog for animal rights.
      We provide information, we provide clarification, we report animal cruelty and the animal abusers.
      We decided that this side was on the side of the animals because others decided to rob animals of their rights and exploit them.
      So everything should be clear who is doing what here.


  2. Oh hell, I just realized you may not have gotten the reply at all; I was ‘strawman’ with a particularly verbose reply to your reply; if you didn’t receive it, or otherwise have no interest in it, let me know.


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