India: The Latest From Erika, Jim and All the Crew At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – Amazing Rescues and Treatment 21/9/21.

Dear Mark,

The expression “rain or shine” gets a whole new meaning in the intense weather of Rajasthan. We’re experiencing a late monsoon, and we want to take a moment to thank our incredibly cheerful, often drenched, staff. Our kennels and animal treatment areas are protected, but because we have nearly year-round sun and extreme heat most areas are outside and do get muddy when it rains. The smiling faces we see, with rain sometimes soaking right through their rain gear, not only boosts the spirits of the other staff, but it affects the animals too with the loving encouragement they need. Thank you for appreciating our tenderhearted and stalwart crew.

Elvis’s sadness lifted as he healed, and then he started singing!

Precious Elvis, a teenaged puppy, screamed in pain when his rescuers tried to lift him.

His feet had been run over by a vehicle, andone paw was crushed. His toes were splayed and swollen to twice their normal size. Standing was too excruciating to bear. Had he been an older dog with more brittle bones, Elvis might have been facing an amputation, but since puppy’s bones heal much faster than adults we decided it was worth trying to save his legs. We treated his wounds and wrapped his intensely painful feet in thick bandages, which we changed every day. The little guy was one of the most careful young patients we’ve ever had. He seemed determined to cause no fuss. But he was so inward we wondered if he was depressed. Then, when he’d progressed a bit on his healing journey, well, this boy burst out in song.

You can put a song in someone’s heart. Please donate.

Not Star Wars, Just Stars!

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia

A wild piglet was seriously hurt with multiple puncture wounds from an animal attack. Even hours after her wounds were cleaned and bandaged, this young sweetheart trembled with fear. She would need incredible bravery, but snuggled deep into her blanket for the feeling of the comfort she had known sleeping with her siblings against her mother’s big body. Now she was all alone. Though she ate well, she was facing a long recovery, and she may have been significantly depressed. But someone very special was waiting for her, though none of us would have guessed.

Just one week after her admission, we rescued another little piglet with similar puncture wounds–a little boy piglet full of his own noisy squeals and twirls. As we treated his wound, we told him he was in for a beautiful surprise. As soon as we had secured his bandages, we delighted in introducing him to his new friend. Though they were a few weeks different in age, pigs are such social and emotional beings that no questions were asked! They bonded within minutes. We felt we could see their healing accelerate from the sheer joy in each other’s comfort and…play! Meet Luke and Leia, tumble-bunnies in action.

For injured and emotional babies Please donate.

Mauled by a leopard, but Beesie’s love of life won!

We can only imagine that the leopard was interrupted, though no one saw the attack–maybe Beesie fought back too hard.

He was in utter shock for hours after the attack to his throat and chest. Residents from a nearby village hurried him to our hospital. Saving his life seemed an almost impossible task. But his strength was phenomenal, and the jaws of the leopard had closed on him just millimeters short of killing him. His astonished eyes stayed wide as adrenalin ran through his body long after arriving in our hospital.

A great amount of flesh had been simply taken, and there was insufficient skin remaining to stitch closed the wounds. We kept them clean and snuggly bandaged, and changed them every day for 2 months. To our amazement, this dignified boy completely healed. Meet Beesie today!

The most frightening injuries need the bravest effort. Make a donation today

Too hurt even to cry, but wow, Tami transformed!

This sweet little baby was injured so seriously she couldn’t move or even really cry out in pain. Her mother and siblings seemed to sense something was wrong, and when our rescuers arrived, they were completely cooperative as they reached down and lifted up the limp little bundle.

When we cleaned her wound and bandaged her up, she started feeling much better and we were delighted to find she had a good appetite and was “all heart” when it came to healing. Within just 10 days her strength was completely restored and she could be reunited with her family again. We were so delighted by her great recovery.

Please donate to help precious little ones.

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Regards Mark

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