Horror laboratory “Vivotecnia” in Spain: a crime in which all the workers were involved.

Do you remember the scandal in the Vivotecnia Experiments Laboratory in Madrid? We reported about it:


The protected witness in the Vivotecnia case accuses the laboratory of manipulating animal tests.
The veterinary technician who recorded the alleged animal abuse that was made public five months ago testifies before the judge about the evidence she collected between 2018 and 2020

Hidden until now in the shadows, the woman who recorded the images that showed the alleged animal abuse in the Vivotecnia laboratory came to light this Wednesday, September 22nd five months later, to answer the questions of the judge as a protected witness.

She answered a myriad of questions about exactly when and what she saw, who was directly involved, and whom she contacted before she began gathering evidence.

She was the only one who could clarify the most relevant details of an investigation that is being carried out in the Colmenar Viejo Court, under summary secrecy since April, when the scandal broke out thanks to an eight-minute video recorded by her between 2018 and 2020 and edited and published by the NGO Cruelty Free International (CFI).

It showed how different workers allegedly mistreat the animals they experimented with.

She arrived nervous, but she did it in a big way, unveiling one more bomb: in the laboratory, she assured, not only was there “repeated abuse” of the animals, but the results of the tests were also manipulated to approve studies that later went on to a second phase of experimentation with human beings.

All the lights pointed towards Carlota Saorsa, the pseudonym by which the person who signs the video with which she began her particular battle of David against Goliath is known, that of an anonymous person against a company whose main business is commissions of studies of the pharmaceutical industry.

As a protected witness in this investigation phase, Saorsa responded for four hours from a Civil Guard barracks.
Several kilometers from there, in Colmenar Viejo, the lawyers of all the parties involved, the environmental prosecutor and the judge tried to reel off every detail through a videoconference with her image blocked.

They not only asked her about the eight-minute video that was published in April, but also about 80 other fragments, more than an extra hour and a half of content, that the NGO delivered later, where you can see images of animals bleeding, sick, treated with violence, abused and being part of painful procedures without anesthesia despite being mandatory, according to current legislation.

Some, in fact, have a necropsy performed while they are still alive (!!!)

The story of the image of the Beagle dog that appears in the video published by the media and that is found next to a pool of blood contains an even more worrying background.

According to Saorsa, that image was recorded after she arrived at work one day at eight in the morning and saw him bleeding on the floor of a room.
She called her superiors to attend to him, but until five in the afternoon no one worried about the animal.

When he was treated, he was “compassionately euthanized” and he was replaced by another dog to continue the study in which he was participating.
But the change of individual was not recorded anywhere.
In the final data of the study, it was noted that the same animal had started and ended the experiment, without the adverse consequences of the drugs being recorded.

This example serves to understand how the laboratory worked, according to the witness’s story.
The slogan of those responsible for the company was clear: the smallest number of animals had to be euthanized, despite the diseases they developed, and the adverse symptoms developed were hidden.

The veterinary technician pointed directly to the Vivotecnia leadership, whom she holds responsible for the images that she stored as evidence of a crime in which almost all the workers were involved. Only one person, other than her, raised her voice and clearly showed her dissatisfaction.
The rest participated in one way or another in that crime. So much so, that when someone complained and warned that the regulations were being breached, he received ridicule from his own colleagues from him.

Different scientists consulted who investigate with animals explain that a good part of the control in the laboratories falls on the internal ethics committees because few inspections are made in Spain by the autonomous communities, competent in this matter.
These committees control and monitor issues, such as limiting the number of animals to those strictly necessary, pain management, housing or euthanasia.

Saorsa insisted again on Wednesday that the workers were not aware of the existence of that body and that they had no one to contact to report what was happening.
That is why she verbally raised the complaints to her superiors, who turned a deaf ear, more concerned with printing a high work rate to take on more and more assignments.

The people investigated in the case have not yet made a statement.

For now Andrés König, the general director of Vivotecnia, and four workers are at the center of the controversy for possible animal abuse, a crime punishable by between three months and one year in prison.

The company faces a fine of between 601 and 100,000 euros.

Despite this, the regional government believes that sufficient precautionary measures have been adopted to ensure the welfare of the animals and that is why on June 1 it lifted the temporary suspension (!!)
The company operates normally.
As if nothing had happened.


And I mean…Vivotecnia was born in 2007 and moved two years later to the facilities in the Tres Cantos Science Park.

It is an organization dedicated to contract research for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The company carries out toxicity tests for the cosmetic, chemical, agrochemical, biocide and health product industries and has around 170 workers distributed among those in charge of caring for the animal facility, laboratory technicians and veterinarians.

Even the 100,000 euros fine is paid from the taxpayers’ money of Spanish citizens.
Because the laboratory continues to exist, continues to be subsidized and continues to remain in the hands of experimenters who operate like the mass murderers in Germany’s Third Reich. People who can do this to animals are just sick and dangerous.

Absurdly low sentences for even the most devious animal cruelty create a feeling of powerlessness – life-long security detention or long prison sentences (as one would do in a civilized society) would greatly weaken this criminal gang.
Animal experimentation is an organized crime to which power enables but no morality.

Nothing so clearly testifies to the bigotry and wretchedness of our speciesist morality as animal experiments

My best regards to all, Venus

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