Erwin Kessler – the most contentious animal rights activist in Switzerland is dead

He went to bed with chest pain – and never woke up.
Erwin Kessler, President of the Association against Animal Factories and one of the most famous animal rights activists in Switzerland, died at the age of 77.

Erwin Kessler dedicated his life to the fight for animal welfare. However, he did not achieve Switzerland-wide fame solely through his uncompromising commitment to animal cruelty and factory farming.
He also became famous for numerous legal skirmishes, the sharpest polemics and unconventional methods with which he regularly exceeded the limits of the legal.

Erwin Kessler-Bern-2017

Since 1989 the trained engineer with a doctorate has fought against the exploitation of livestock with his Verein gegen Tierfabriken (VgT). Kessler also kept the judiciary busy.

Kessler sneaked out to farms at night and took photos of what he thought was not animal-friendly.
He pilloried the alleged animal abusers on the website of his association against animal factories (VgT). He was often successful with his actions.
Many farms were redeveloped after Kessler interventions – even if those affected hardly ever admitted that the controversial animal rights activist was the trigger.

Kessler was not a man of compromise.
With remarkable perseverance, he covered his adversaries with complaints. Kessler did not only count farmers, animal breeders and agricultural schools among his declared opponents.
Representatives of the media and authorities were also part of it.

Kessler also had to appear in court again and again. He was convicted several times. In 1998 he received an unconditional prison sentence of 45 days for violating the racism criminal norm from the Zurich Higher Court.
In 2004 he was sentenced to an unconditional prison sentence of 5 months by the Zurich Higher Court for multiple racial discrimination and simple bodily harm.

Again and again, Kessler came into public focus because of anti-Semitic statements.
He repeatedly compared Jewish slaughter with Nazi crimes, in 1998 he even wanted to have the Talmud banned in bookstores and libraries.
In 2001 he fought a dissertation on the ban on slaughter up to court. Kessler defended himself against the designation “anti-Semite” with dozens of defamation suits.

In 2015, the Federal Supreme Court finally ruled that Kessler could be called that.

Kessler’s “Association against Animal Factories” is said to have had tens of thousands of members at the best of times.
The hard core of the followers appeared loudly at court proceedings.
Most recently, Kessler took part in demonstrations against Ulrich K.’s animal farm in Hefenhofen in Thurgau in 2017.

Kessler was the leading figure in the Hefenhofen animal welfare scandal. It was about a horse owner from Hefenhofen in the canton of Thurgau, who for years grossly disregarded regulations and fooled the authorities.

He helped uncover the scandal and passed the photos to the media, which led to a new veterinary law in the canton of Thurgau.
He also fought against factory farming, making many enemies among the farmers.

Erwin Kessler has now died unexpectedly at the age of 77

His closest confidante, Sonja Tonelli says: “Erwin complained of chest pain yesterday afternoon, but didn’t want to see a doctor about it.”
He said it wasn’t that bad. Finally he went to bed in his house in Tuttwil and allegedly suffered a cardiac arrest that night.

The work of the association against animal factories should continue after the death of the founder.

Sonja Tonelli takes over the office.

And…In August 2012 he wrote a remarkable article on his website, which I want to present here as an obituary to his death:

“It has always been the case in human history that in times of mass national crimes, the judiciary sided with the perpetrators, and it was not the perpetrators who were prosecuted, but those who spoke out against the crime.
The judiciary always represents the current political majority and judicial officers and judges are elected by this and do not want to endanger their careers – that was under the Nazi and Stalin regimes as well as with the witch hunts and slavery.

It is not uncommon for a war to end such mass crimes covered by the justice system, such as the civil war in the USA, where only the victory of the northern states ended slavery in the southern states, or the Second World War, which stopped the mass crimes of the Nazis.

Whether, how and when the current global holocaust of farm animals will come to an end cannot be foreseen at the moment.
This mass crime, which is currently underway, cannot be ended with laws and courts, because the laws are made by the criminal majority of the unscrupulous carnivores and the judges are appointed by the “representatives of the people” of the same criminal majority.
The only hope is that more and more people will wake up, take responsibility and eat vegan.

The vegan diet is not something that only protects the animals when the majority have become vegans – no, according to the law of supply and demand, everyone who eats vegan reduces the mass crime against animals immediately, here and now, in to the extent that he does not consume any products of this mass crime, i.e. precisely the contribution that each individual can immediately make of his own accord.
Anyone who does not do it is an accomplice and follower.

And it was always the followers – not individual leaders like Hitler and whatever they are called – who made mass crimes possible in the first place.
Not the scapegoats that will be pointed to later, but the mass of followers bears the decisive responsibility.
And these followers can later, even hypocritically and cowardly, talk their way out of not having known anything.
Their karma knows better, and cannot be deceived.

Everyone knows enough about the mass crime against farm animals to be fundamentally complicit in it if someone supports it with his consumer behavior. “

Rest in Peace Erwin Kessel-we will miss you

regards, Venus

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