Germany: Undercover footage reveals ‘nightmarish’ animal testing in German lab.

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Challenging the Government’s Censorship of Animal Advocates’ Speech on Social Media

by Stacey

Undercover footage reveals ‘nightmarish’ animal testing in German lab

Germany sees spike in experiments on monkeys | News | DW | 20.12.2018

Undercover footage reveals ‘nightmarish’ animal testing in German lab (

In rare footage from an animal testing facility, released on October 11, dogs can be seen lying in blood and excrement, while primates spin in circles in tiny cages, visibly in distress. Dead beagles are hung up on meathooks, and macaque monkeys are violently handled, restrained and force fed. Staff also appear to harm cats.

The footage was shot at the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT), a contract testing laboratory near Hamburg, Germany, and relates to its toxicity testing for pharmaceutical companies.

The investigation, organised by animal welfare organisations SOKO Tierschutz (based in Germany) and Cruelty Free International (based in the UK), involved getting someone employed at the facility in December last year. This undercover investigator worked there for four months, filming with a hidden camera.

In the US, it is estimated that 100,000,000 animals are used for testing/research YEARLY. Approximately 95-99% are not afforded any legal “protections” under the Animal Welfare Act and are therefore not required to be reported (thus the estimate). Of the few who do receive “protections” under AWA, they still suffer, experience pain and fear, and violently die; sadly, they are often subjected to INTENTIONAL PAIN as it is theorized that pain relief would compromise testing outcomes. These animals include dogs, cats, and primates, totaling >56,000 victims REPORTED, neglecting the vast majority who are not afforded even the illusion of existence by mandated recording of their suffering, pages 7-8:

Animal exploiters DETEST social media for giving activists a platform to publicize the violence they inflict on vulnerable animals, who all experience pain, fear, and suffering as human animals do. If the law doesn’t prevent humans from violent exploitation of animals, then it cannot exempt humans for exposing these criminal, unethical acts.

And to the indignant who equate animal suffering with human health, do remember the negative consequences and fatalities of pharmaceuticals that were considered safe as the result of testing them on different species: thalidomide was a tragedy, and saccharine, which was found to cause cancer in rats, is still marketed to humans. If humans claim human superiority as a validation for condoning animal experimentation, perhaps those “intellectual giants” can determine more effective research methods that do not violently kill billions of animals, a rather contradictory “means” to an uncertain “end”.

Some states have enacted student rights to not use animals in education, determine if you have Student Choice Laws via AAVS HERE or NAVS HERE

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