Wolves in Berlin – and the media hysteria

In Berlin, wolves are sighted for the first time inside the motorway ring. The debate about the wolf has reached the capital of Germany!!

The headlines from the German press:
“a wolf pack at the gates of Berlin”
“wolves only 30 kilometers from the city center”
“wolves within the Berlin ring” …
“the wolf in Berlin: when will the first child be torn, people ask”Conservationists are happy, farmers are less enthusiastic. The hunting association is now reproaching the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.
The most important question arises: do these strictly protected predators pose a threat?
How much wolf can Berlin take?

A wolf pack has settled west of Berlin in the nature reserve around Berlin.

About two weeks ago, two parents and four puppies ran in front of the lens of a photographer who was out and about in the 4,500 hectare nature reserve at the gates of Berlin and Potsdam for the “Heinz Sielmann Foundation”.

According to the foundation, the six animals have settled in a fenced area of around 1,800 hectares in the middle of the area – there they are largely undisturbed by humans.

The area is only around 30 kilometers from Alexanderplatz (in the center of Berlin). On Tuesday, the State Environment Agency (LfU) confirmed to the German Press Agency that the animals were wolves. Other wolf packs had not yet settled within the Berlin Ring.

It is very clear why the pack chose the protected area of ​​all places: Here they will find everything they need. Space, water, enough food and above all: peace and quiet.
The area is actually too small for a pack, but the animals would have a lot of food there due to the high number of game.

Deer and wild boars were not enough for the animals: In August and September cracks were reported from goats and sheep grazing there.

The population is increasing, the animals go where they can find game. According to the hunting association, the game population has already been drastically reduced in this area.
“I wonder what happens when the wolf runs out of wild animals” so a hunter

“Not only do wolves deserve protection, grazing animals also deserve protection. The pastures should not be “set tables” for wolves. “ says Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner.

The Ministry of the Environment says: … “And if a wolf repeatedly ventures too close to human settlements, then it is classified as a problem wolf and can be shot.”



And I mean…“And if a wolf repeatedly ventures too close to human settlements, then it is classified as a problem wolf and can be shot.”

Apparently man is now an endangered species, badly decimated in its existence by the predators around him.
Worse still, the other species keep humans industrialized and slaughter them by the millions every day.
The useless copies are shredded by the millions….
Or how was that?

The normal ‘collateral damage’ in “beneficial” animal husbandry is 100 times greater than all wolves combined could ever cause for their survival.

By the year 2000 the wolf had been exterminated from humans in Germany.
Purely informative: The wolf is not settled but turns back by itself.

The wolf is (still) protected by European (Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive FFH-RL, Appendix IV) law, and as an endangered animal species it has a high protection status in Germany (Section 44 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act BNatSchG).

Well… a few psychopaths with hunting license are of the opinion that they don’t have to comply with “nonsensical” laws – since 2000 there have been 64 deliberately and therefore illegally shot wolves in Germany.
The number of unreported cases is higher, because even entire packs just disappear from the scene.

No case has been resolved so far, let alone brought to court

Wolves do not practice mass animal husbandry, they either eat what is there or starve to death.
In contrast to us humans, who not only shoot animals for fun, although we do not need their flesh and skin for life at all, but enslave them, torture and brutally kill them in order to eat them.

May the family live long and in peace

My best regards to all, Venus

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