Hamburg : Art action dedicated to all the victims of animal experiments worldwide

“Hamburg Town Musicians”: Riddle about sculpture on the Alster/Hamburg

A dog, a monkey on its back, a rabbit on it and a rat at the top: a sculpture has been on the picnic area on the Outer Alster since Wednesday, erected in a nightly action by unknown animal rights activists.

The “Hamburg Town Musicians” are supposed to be a protest against animal experiments.

The animal figures by the unknown artist appear very lively, the sculpture is heavy, and presumably even made of bronze. The base is embedded in the ground, there is a commemorative plaque:

“Dedicated to all the victims of animal experiments worldwide”, even Chinese characters are engraved.

In a “confessor writing” it says on the website

“We, the ghosts of the killed laboratory animals, erected a memorial for the victims of animal experiments on October 12, 2021 on the picnic meadow in Uhlenhorst / Hamburg. It’s the Hamburg Town Musicians. ”

And a photo: A person with a hoodie, his face hidden behind a rabbit mask, crouches next to the plastic.

The background of the elaborate art campaign is explained in small notebooks that the anonymous activists on site tied to trees.

It reads: “The Hamburg Town Musicians – a current fairy tale, inspired by the Brothers Grimm”.
It tells the story of the test dog that escaped from the qual laboratory of the LPT company (Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology now renamed Provivo Biosciences GmbH and Co. KG).

The dog meets the monkey, which was intended for an experimental laboratory in Bremen, the rabbit, whose eyes were supposed to be tested for cosmetics, and finally the rat, which has escaped from a laboratory.

And like the Bremen Town Musicians, the Hamburg animal quartet also sets out in the fairy tale according to the motto …
“We find something better than death everywhere.”

In Germany, according to conservative estimates, animal experiments are funded with at least four billion euros, research on alternatives with around 20 million, according to the opponents of animal experiments.
At least three million laboratory animals die every year, according to animal rights activists.

The “monument” meets with approval from passers-by, many stop and take photos.
“That should stay here for ever,” demands a walker.
Someone has planted some heather in front of the statue.
Are the “Hamburg Town Musicians” tolerated on the Alster?

The northern district says vaguely: “We first check whether the sculpture poses a hazard.”

And I mean…A hazard situation for animals and us, humans, arises with certainty in the experiment laboratories, not from the monument.

People are already laying flowers there, silently kneeling down to commemorate the victims.
The work of art was secretly concreted into the ground on the anniversary of the LPT discovery, according to unconfirmed information.

We thank the brave and great artists for this memorial.
So that the victims are not forgotten.

My best regards to all, Venus

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