Why Do You Abuse Others ?

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Why do you abuse others? | Our Compass (our-compass.org)

The first video is age restricted due to graphic content, and it’s not just the “abuse” that’s considered inappropriate, it’s the standard treatment of animals who you eat. What about being inflicted with pain and fear and violent death is NOT inhumane and cruel and abusive?

The second video is five years old, a news story about THE SAME FOSTER FARMS, also for “abusive” practices. The video has been heavily edited and includes disingenuous validation from company execs who pander to the masses, claiming that “humane treatment” is paramount. Again, what part of being violently, fearfully killed is NOT INhumane? If treating animals humanely is important, than NOT KILLING them is more so. And, too, that they have been caught AGAIN just substantiates that all animal “agriculture” is abusive, you cannot conclude in any other rational manner.

Conversely, you can watch endless hours/days/years of plants being harvested with no negative effects and no warnings.

That should tell you something.

The Humane Slaughter Act specifically exempts billions of animals, including chickens, but since the few animals “protected” are violently killed in fear the exact way that the animals “not protected” are killed, it’s meaningless. To be fair, I did try to screenshot the “best practices” “standards” but was warned on two browsers that it wasn’t a “safe site” to visit, even insentient computers know they suck:

And by the way, factory farms were birthed by small farms, there will never be a “return” to what has been destroyed by consumer demand, greed, and entitlement, which exists regardless of population. The ONLY humane is vegan. SL

Source The Intercept

By Sara Sirota

CHICKENS SEVERELY MISTREATED AT “HUMANE” CALIFORNIA SLAUGHTERHOUSE, NEW VIDEO ALLEGES: Activists arrested while protesting Foster Farms are being held in county jail on $50,000 bonds

This article and the below video include graphic images some readers may find disturbing.

In June 2015, the animal rights organization Mercy for Animals sent two investigators to work as undercover employees at a slaughterhouse run by Foster Farms. They documented workers throwing live chickens against metal shackles, birds being scalded alive, and other treatment that the group argued amounted to animal cruelty. Mercy for Animals complained to the Federal Trade Commission that Foster Farms’ labeling of its products as certified by the American Humane Association, or AHA, deceived consumers. The agency declined to take action, though, noting that the company fired employees suspected of abuse, passed an audit, and installed its own video monitoring system.

New footage from Foster Farms, California’s largest poultry producer, shows the company continuing to engage in similar behavior that activists allege amounts to cruel treatment of live chickens. Foster Farms, which was recertified by the AHA earlier this year, has been on the receiving end of millions of dollars in state and local subsidies to expand its product lines in California.

The recent footage, obtained by an anonymous videographer and provided to The Intercept by animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere, or DxE, shows workers throwing live chickens on the concrete floor; discarded yet conscious birds under the weight of one another; some chickens missing electrical waterbaths designed to stun them before slaughter — all under the supervision of employees working dangerous and long shifts in the dark. The videographer, who requested anonymity to avoid repercussions for sharing the footage, entered the company’s facility in Livingston, California, to set up miniature infrared cameras and obtain hundreds of hours of footage, recorded over the past several weeks. Foster Farms did not respond to a request for comment.

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