USA: Petition Now Launched Asking For Turkey Abusing Employees To Be Sacked From Their Jobs, Please Support By Signing – Thank You.

Petition Link:

Fire Workers Accused of Stomping on Live Turkeys – Animal Petitions

In relation to our very recent post about workers at Plainville Farms clearly being shown on video violently abusing Turkeys, see the video footage at:

Turkey Abusers – Stomped, Punched, and Left to Die Is Not ‘Humane’—Tell Wegmans and Harris Teeter Now! – World Animals Voice

There is now a petition asking for all the employees accused of stomping on live turkeys to be suspended from employment.

Petition wording is:

Target: Mark Schiller, CEO of Hain Celestial Group and Plainville Farm President Tom Donovan

Goal: Fire workers accused of kicking, torturing striking, and stomping on live turkeys.

A video published by PETA has reportedly shown vulgar, sadistic treatment of turkeys at a production site in New Oxford, Pennsylvania for Plainville Farms. In the video, workers are apparently shown kicking, torturing striking, and stomping on live turkeys, who are left on the floor to die after being tortured. Workers apparently grab the turkeys by the wings, a delicate spot, and fling them at each other playfully. This seriously twisted behavior must be punished if proven true.

Plainville Farms provides food for markets such as Whole Foods, Publix, and Harris Teeter. On their website, they declare that the alleged actions go against the company’s morals. They claim that the workers will be held accountable, but it is vital we make certain the company follows through. If these accusations are true, then labeling these products as “humanely-raised” is simply not true.

New protocols should be demanded to limit scenarios like this from happening. Acknowledgement is not enough- demand these workers and supervisors are fired if found responsible and that new regulations are implemented that actually guarantee humane treatment of these turkeys in the future.


Dear Mark Schiller and Tom Donovan,

As you may be aware, recent footage of turkey farms by employees at your companies were released. If reports are true, employees entertained themselves by torturing animals. While it is important to acknowledge any wrongdoing, you must also ensure there are consequences for the workers accused of this abuse. Firing supervisors and workers who allegedly allowed this treatment to happen is an important first step. You should not advertise your products as “humanely-raised” or “cruelty-free” if this is not the case either. Your retailers at Publix, Harris Teeter, and Whole Foods should also be formally informed about this incident.

Please ensure investigations against these locations are followed through and the proper consequences are met. While this video reportedly showing the violence at your turkey farms may demonstrate a single scenario, it is your responsibility to look into all your farms at differing locations. Enact protocols that ensure cruelty does not occur. Consumers and non-consumers alike will be awaiting direct action from your companies.


[Your Name Here]

Petition Link:

Fire Workers Accused of Stomping on Live Turkeys – Animal Petitions

Please take action and sign;

Regards Mark

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