Anti-poaching campaign in Spain

Report of the “Committee against Bird Murder”

Like every autumn, when the first flocks of thrushes and finches arrive in Spain, bird poaching is once again widespread in the Valencia region.

In the last few days our team has already found several huge traditional trapping systems, so-called “parany”, which are equipped with electronic lures that are played at night and hundreds of thin liming rods.

They are made of old trees, some of which have been used for centuries. They have chimney-like branches that point upwards at the top of the plant.
Between these “fingers” horizontal glue rods are attached.

A tangle of ladders and bridges leads to the top of the facility, where the bird trappers can move over several floors.

On autumn nights, the loud lures lure entire flocks of migratory birds to their doom.

The attracted birds – mainly thrushes, robins, blackcaps and various finches – try to perch on the horizontal poles, get caught on the loose limes and then fall to the ground.
The poachers make their rounds about three times a night and collect the wriggling birds on the ground, or take them out of tensioned nets that they have installed under the trees.

The birds are then picked up with a pad, a kind of landing net, and killed in order to be eaten or traded on the black market as a traditional dish (pajaritos fritos).

During the day, poachers usually use large folding nets to catch finches (similar to Malta).
More than a dozen such sites are currently being investigated and we will report on them in due course.

So far, together with the SEPRONA Guardia Civil (police) and Agents Mediambientals (hunting supervision), we have closed three large Parany systems and confiscated around 2000 liming rods.

And I mean..I am always amazed at how it can be that people who may not even be able to read and write seem so inventive and resourceful when it comes to creating criminal works.

Apparently it is not only traditional dishes that are passed down from generation to generation, but also the methods by which defenseless beings are captured, tortured and eaten.

Who can actually decide in how many murders a hunter becomes a psychopath?

A psychopath can be defined as someone who deliberately inflicts harm without remorse.
And when you understand the cynicism with which the unscrupulous defend their crimes, and when you understand that such people dominate the society because they know how to intimidate people, then you come to the conclusion that we don’t just need educators, not just healers , not only people who can complain, but we also need warriors who are willing and ready to fight back.

The only way to treat the hunt is to smash it up.
It is not something what one can discuss.
It’s something that needs to be smashed.

My best regards to all, Venus

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