A trail of Lies- a great animation

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And I mean…Every year in Germany around half a million foxes die a senseless death by the hunter’s hand.

Now this is usually not great science, but rather common knowledge:
The hunt is impossible without intentional killing.
Hunting without murder of defenseless animals is a term that cancels itself.
Everything that hunters do, no matter what they say and what they actually do, serves only ONE goal: to keep the hunt alive!

The hunters in Germany justify fox hunting with four main arguments:

a) The fox also transmits diseases that are dangerous for humans, such as rabies and fox tapeworm,

b) the fox is by no means endangered because of its high population and

c) would have to be hunted because otherwise – at least regionally – it threatens to exterminate ground-nesting birds that have become rare.

d) The evil fox should be hunted to protect the lovely brown hare!

But science speaks a different language:
-The rabies is eradicated,
-The probability of being infected by the fox tapeworm is far lower than a 6 in the lottery and
– Hunting favors high fox populations and has no or only a marginal influence on the population of ground breeders.
-The evil fox should be hunted to protect the lovely brown hare! Serious? Is that why 400,000 brown hares are hunted in Germany every year?

A hunt with – as usual – 181 hunters, 100 drivers and 60 dogs is a perverse outgrowth of the hunt that can no longer be called hunting but massacre.
Then what are the real reasons for fox hunting?

The relevant hunting magazines and hunter forums on the Internet provide quick information here: They talk about “lust for stalking and capturing”,
of the “hunter’s joy in letting a fox roll in a shotgun”,
from the “charm of winter fox hunting”,
about the “hunting instinct”,
the “hunting fever” and the “kick” that the hunter experiences with a fatal shot.

The daily reports about alleged band fox danger and rabies control are pure hunter’s invention!
They are cheap and dirty hunter propaganda!
Hunters do not regulate … Hunters like to slaughter …… Hunters are slope perpetrators … Consciously and deliberately crue.
Everything else is propaganda.

My best regards to all, Venus

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