Day: January 4, 2022

EU- You have to ban animal transports to third countries-an open letter

The animal welfare network KRÄFTE BÜNDELN (, is an amalgamation of over 20 animal welfare and animal rights organizations that are involved in joint publicity projects and use actions for a sustainable approach to nature and for an end to animal exploitation.

For 18 months, the ANIT committee had NGOs and experts paint a gloomy picture of animal suffering on live animal transports (We had already reported about this:

The recommendations resulting from the final report are inadequate and unacceptable.

With the attached open letter (see below) we, the animal welfare network, which is a bundle of 20 animal welfare and animal rights organizations, have asked the members of the European Parliament not to be satisfied with the ANIT recommendations but to refuse their consent for the transport of live animals to high-risk countries.

The EU Parliament should now only vote on marginal changes to this exploitative system.
This is why this animal welfare network has written an open letter to the EU Parliament.

I have partially translated the letter, the full one is in the link:

The letter

Dear members of the ANIT committee,
Dear Members of the European Parliament,

We, the signatories from the animal welfare network, would like to express our position on the recommendations of the committee of inquiry in connection with the protection of animals during transport (ANIT) to the EU Parliament….

For us and many citizens it is incomprehensible and highly irritating that both the report of the committee of inquiry and the proposals for the recommendations of the EU Parliament are in principle in favor of continuing long-distance animal transports to third countries outside the EU.

For many years, numerous documentaries have attested the unimaginable suffering of the animals through horrific conditions on the routes and through brutal handling of the animals on the daily, often weekly and not infrequently 7,000 kilometers long transports by land and water.

Although recognized experts have reported on it to the ANIT committee in a factual and technically competent manner, the horror of these transports is only inadequately reflected in the report and the suggestions for the recommendations.
There is no clear recommendation to end animal transports in animal welfare high-risk states Report of the ANIT committee, however, in full.
An “embellishment”, i. H. just a slight gradual improvement in cruel animal transports is not a solution.

In this way, an agricultural system is maintained that is in a constant cheap and growth spiral and thus constantly too many animals are produced that are “disposed of” via these transport routes in third countries.

For us it is incomprehensible and technically simply wrong if the only theoretical notion of animal welfare-compliant care on these routes and in is maintained in the target countries and used as an argument.

In fact, these transports are neither feasible nor controllable according to European standards.
Last but not least are the ones that await the animals at the destination environmental, husbandry, handling and almost without exception slaughtering conditions (shafts) without stunning ethically unjustifiable and must lead to the termination of these transports

[…]It is always emphasized that the EU is a “community of values”. This also means protecting the weakest and not exploiting them for particular interests in order to achieve the highest possible profit.
Given what animals suffer on these transports and what they suffer in countries like Egypt, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mongolia, Russia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey , Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan expected, the term “community of values” is just an empty phrase.

In order to do justice to this concept, we have to grant the animal a dignity as a fellow creature and treat it with respect.

Animals may no longer be viewed and treated as any commodity, often even mistreated.
The German Ethics Council formulates in its opinion: “The described animal ethics criticism corresponds to the observation that, irrespective of the legal admissibility, the industrial breeding, keeping, slaughtering and exploitation of farm animals practiced today does not correspond to the predominant social sense of morality and justice.”

With regard to a further vote in the EU Parliament in January, we urge everyone to take responsibility for a different approach to animals.

The facts are all on the table, the ANIT committee received reports from competent and highly qualified experts for 18 months – there is no lack of knowledge and there is therefore no reasonable reason to continue transporting live animals to third countries.

The only logical and ethically justifiable conclusion is a general ban, both with regard to animals for slaughter and animals that have been rededicated as breeding animals.

It is easy to replace these with meat transports or the use of frozen semen.

Until then, we will continue to advocate a full moratorium at member state level.

With resolute greetings


And I mean…We fully support this letter! And will immediately report on reactions or developments, if any come.

There is no such thing as a “community of values” with regard to the EU.
Because the EU lacks a very essential element -that is respect for their citizens who have voted and fought with numerous petitions for the abolition of animal cages, animal transports and, last but not least, animal experiments.
Behind this is the arrogant attitude typical of the EU, which will soon cost us many animal lives again.

So far, EU citizens have been treated with ignorance and indifference by this “community of values”.
The actors who determine animal welfare in the EU are the worst agricultural lobbyists and therefore the decisions are directed against the interests of EU citizens and against animal welfare, in every respect.

The EU has a massive democratic deficit.
Something like trust is no longer so easy to establish.
The only solution for the EU is: it has to go

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: Pigs To The Slaughter – What Man Will Do To Intelligent, Sentient Beings.

With thanks as always to Stacey at ‘Our Compass’ – Stacey | Our Compass (

WAV Comment:  When you are in your 50’s and have been involved as an activist for a very large part of your life; you get to see and witness a lot of things.  But this has struck me as one of the most barbaric things that I have come across for a while – On April 15, 2020, four weeks after the first American city was locked down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a gruesome experiment was performed. The experimenters filled a trailer, specially fitted with heaters capable of bringing the temperatures inside to lethal levels, with pigs, and turned the heat on. The experimenters wanted to know how long it would take for the pigs to die. The answer, for some of them, was over an hour.

For the animals themselves, it resulted in what the industry deceptively calls ‘euthanasia,’ but that is, in fact, in many cases an excruciatingly slow and torturous death.

Pigs are known as the ‘horizontal man’; really because all their internal organs are located in the same place as the body of a vertical human.  Are pigs less intelligent ? – certainly not after some folk that I have met in my years – so what then is the difference in killing a trailer load of pigs to that of a trailer load of humans ?

But they are just pigs I hear some say; With IQ equal to a Fifth Grader, Are Pigs Smarter Than We Think? | Gaia

Pigs Are Intelligent, Emotional, and Cognitively Complex | Psychology Today

I will not go on – instead, I suggest you read the following and decide for yourself if these abuses of sentient beings; the horizontal man; has been, is now, and will ever acceptable by the so-called civilized society of the humankind. No, it is animal abuse, pure and simple. There are and can never be excuses such as Covid for the suffering of intelligent beings.


Comment by Stacey:

As long as people consume animals and their secretions, biologically intended for infants of the species making the breastmilk (like cows for calves, not like cows for aging humans with teeth, even human infants cannot drink cow’s milk; get weaned, people, it’s embarrassing and violently abusive), then you don’t care about animals, it’s beyond nauseating to listen to people stumble around their euphemisms desperately searching for ANY word that provides them forgiveness and only landing on, “It’s illegal to be cruel to animals/animals are killed painlessly/when it’s done humanely/…/…/…” An endless rambling litany of preposterous excuses that benefits only the species – humans – that kill non-human animals.

Killing an unwilling being is inherently, violently abusive and cruel, dancing cows in party hats going to school notwithstanding. Taking a life that is not yours to take, is inherently, violently abusive and cruel. Subjecting another being to control, confinement, violation, and deliberate butchering is inherently, violently abusive and cruel.

The thing is, I don’t get paid anything to advocate on behalf of animals. Me asking you to not cause animals harm brings me zero profit. Conversely, humans are so willfully ignorant and complicit, believing the anag charlatans who rely on anthropomorphized English-singing cows to sell you milk you don’t need but that causes the violent death of all the animals including the infants who actually DO need the milk AND their mothers but who are stolen and butchered at a young age because males are unprofitable……you’ll give THOSE PEOPLE money, the ones with the actual “agenda”.

You don’t kill those you care for about, and even if you don’t care about any animals, you still have no right or legitimate reason to kill them.

It’s like, you don’t consume animals violently, fearfully, painfully humanely-butchered because you honestly believe that NOT consuming animals is INhumane.

When did you lose your decency and empathy? SL

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U.S: 8 wolves were poisoned in Oregon.

Gray wolves are smart, charismatic animals, with massive ranges in the wild and devoted relationships with members of their pack.
But beginning in February of 2021, Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division Troopers began finding the bodies of wolves poisoned – one after another — until their last discovery of a dead female in July.

A gray wolf in Oregon’s northern Wallowa County in February 2017. Officials in Oregon are asking for help locating the person or persons responsible for poisoning an entire wolf pack in the eastern part of the state earlier this year – Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife via AP

A total of 8 of these majestic wild animals were killed, and the killer is still on the loose.

Poisoning wildlife is a serious crime, but like so many violent acts committed against animals, cases with non-human victims tend to receive much less attention.
We cannot allow that to happen in this case!

Ex-president Trump stripped gray wolves of their Endangered Species Act protections, meaning that they are already less protected than they were just a few years ago.
Every single loss of animal life is devastating, especially species whose populations are no longer federally managed or protected.

A number of amazing organizations have stepped up to offer a combined $40,000 reward for anyone who provides information which leads to the conviction of the perpetrator.

It is more important than ever that local police keep putting pressure on this case to find the perpetrator and hold them responsible.
This cannot just be another instance of animal abuse where the criminals are never found.
Non-human victims deserve justice, too!
Sign now to tell the Oregon State Police to dedicate all their efforts towards finding whoever committed such a terrible crime!
Sign now if you agree!

And I mean: Oregon has only about 170 wolves within its borders, and the murder of eight is a serious loss

Wolves once ranged most of the U.S. but were wiped out in most places by the 1930s under government-sponsored poisoning and trapping campaigns.

Today more than 2,000 wolves occupy six states in the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest after animals from Canada were reintroduced in Idaho and Yellowstone National Park starting in 1995.
However, wolves remain absent across most of their historical range.
Hundreds of wolves are now killed annually by hunters and trappers in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

(We had reported about it: -now /)

Wolves were also in Germany hunted, exterminated, poisoned, everything you can imagine. They were pretty much trapped out of existence.
The (still) valid legislation prohibits the killing of wolves, the state only speaks of “wolf management”.
A euphemism for being killed by hunters or farmers.

Well… and a few are of the opinion that they don’t have to comply with nonsensical laws – see 64 illegally shot wolves that have been confirmed since 2001 – in 2018 alone eight wolves were found dead with gunshot wounds.

The number of unreported cases is higher, because even entire packs just disappear from the scene.

It is basically the hunters who want to get the wolf free to shoot.
The wild animals is all for the hunter only!
Just not for the wolf, who could eat one deer too much and the hunters would shoot one less.

And then there are the “animal-loving” farmers.
Quite a few farmers defend the shooting of wild animals just to protect their profitable “useful” capital, and preach the wolf danger on alert level 1, because this would only reduce profits, and that’s what the “animal-loving farmers” are about.

98% of the meat that is consumed in Germany comes from factory farming.
According to the Federal Statistical Office, an average of more than two million animals are slaughtered in this country every day.
Per day!
So … not even whole wild animal stocks around the world would be able to do that in a hundred years !!
Wolves do not keep harmful factory farming-they either eat what is there or starve to death.

The knitting pattern of the hunters and farmers is always the same: dissemination of incorrect or incomplete information, coupled with targeted scaremongering.
This is the only way they can justify the illegal executions of these useful and intelligent animals.

My best regards to all, Venus