Day: January 24, 2022

India: Some Of The Latest Amazing Rescues By The Top Team At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – January 2022.

Dear Mark,

Rajasthani nights are very cold–it doesn’t snow, but with night temperatures down to 5°C(40°F) the slightest breeze bringsa deep chill. We’re so grateful to all of you whose help enables us to bundle the animals up with jackets and blankets, provide hot water bottles and run space heaters throughout the night to all puppies, cats and frail animals.

Your kindness warms their hearts year round.

Bouncy was hit by a car, but she wasn’t about to give in!

Too much playing to do!

This little angel was curled up and trembling when her neighbours called to report the accident.

She’d been hit in the face by a passing vehicle and her mouth was bleeding. We feared the worst–a complicated jaw fracture or a head injury–but our fears were calmed when we examined her. We found no signs of fracture andher bright button eyes and perky ears assured us that she had not suffered an injury to her brain. She needed rest, however she wasn’t much interested in it–she was too busy playing. She bounced back within days, and inspired us to call her Bouncy! What a pleasure to see her thriving.

Help us heal darlings like Bouncy. Donate today

Penny lost half her vision, but kept 100% of her love for life!

As we approached this dog from behind, she looked perfectly fine.

But as we neared we understood why she was keeping completely still. Her eye had ruptured from the blow of a passing vehicleand the pain must have been unbearable. She was traumatized and seemed too scared to move a muscle.

Once back in our hospital our medical team found thather eye was damaged and would need to be surgically removed.When she recovered from surgery and her pain was gone, the light of her love shimmered from her entire face.

Meet Penny, a magnificent and oh so sweet accident survivor. Please donate today!

Welcome to the world, little Peanut!

Peanut is a teenie tiny orphan who, in her 3 weeks of life, has already fought through several bouts of illness–a common problem with orphan babies. In addition to keeping their babies clean, warm, safe and loved, mothers provide them with colostrum, a nutrient rich fluid produced by all mammals immediately after giving birth that helps build the immunity of the newborn.

We’re surrounding Peanut with love and doing all we can to help her grow, one day at a time.

Give yourself a valentine that gives help to animals.

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We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team

Regards Mark.

New South Wales wants to criminalize undercover activists

Laws criminalising the use of secretly recorded vision of animal cruelty and abuse are posing “too great a burden on speech”, animal rights activists have told the high court.

The Farm Transparency Project, an Australian animal advocacy group, launched a case earlier this year arguing New South Wales laws restricting the use of covert footage were an unfair burden on freedom of political communication.

The state’s Surveillance Devices Act criminalises the use of footage or audio that was obtained using a listening device or hidden camera, but, unlike other states, gives no public-interest exemption.

Those investigations have revealed countless atrocities in Victoria alone that would otherwise still be an industry secret:

• Live-baiting in the greyhound racing industry
• The maceration (blending) of live male chicks in the egg industry, because they won’t ever be able to lay eggs
• The slaughter of five-day-old male calves in the dairy industry because they won’t ever be able to produce milk, and female calves who are in excess of the farm’s needs
• The use of excruciating carbon dioxide gas chambers in all major pig slaughterhouses, previously touted by the industry as ‘humane’, and also for the killing of ‘unviable’ chicks in the broiler (meat) chicken industry, and ‘spent’ hens in the egg industry whose egg-laying has slowed
• Repeated failure of stunning methods at numerous slaughterhouses
• The routine killing of newborn male goats by the notorious ‘Gippy Goat’ farmer, as they are unable to produce milk and therefore useless to the goat dairy industry
• The routine ‘disbudding’ of newborn female goats at Meredith Dairy, using hot irons to painfully burn off the young goats’ budding horns
• Dogs confined, exploited and abused in puppy mills
• Routine mutilation of young animals without anaesthetic
• … and much more.

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Why Do You Support An Industry That Normalizes Infant Dead Piles? — by Stacey.

With thanks to Stacey as always – Stacey | Our Compass (

Regards Mark

Why do you support an industry that normalizes infant dead piles? by Stacey

Source Mercy For Animals Drone Investigations , Mark Devries

The above is globally standardized animal “production”, greater than 90% of all animals exploited for food in the world are commodified in industrialized manners: animals minimized to numbers and weights, their suffering mocked by nonvegans: you know what happens to them yet you continue supporting the system that requires their pain, violation, and violent death.

And if you are one of ten who does buy expensive animal body parts from a “small, local farm”, you’re not killing animals for the animals, you’re consuming animal products but want to limit your exposure to e coli or listeria while still participating in animal exploitation that fuels animal exploitation. You cannot separate yourself from animal suffering just because you feel better about your OWN body requiring the unwilling, terrorized destruction of others’.

I know what you’re doing. You cannot rest comfortably in your willful ignorance causing others’ suffering, you just lie about it and use deceit, manipulation, and words meant to promote artificial ethics, but causing harm is inherently unethical, regardless of your fictionalized narrative: actions matter more than words, your apathetic and cruel behaviour betray your disingenuous greeting card platitudes and reveal your true intentions. You may hate vegans, but animals have done nothing to deserve your indifference. SRL

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