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About Us.

In the following we are providing a little insight about ourselves; what drives us; and some of our past animal experiences / campaign work.

This section of the site has been compiled partly due to the request and support of our Patron Mr Philip Wollen:  14/6/21 – Mr Philip Wollen Becomes The First WAV Patron; We Are (More Than) Delighted, and Welcome Him To The Group. – World Animals Voice


MARK – England.

I despise the suffering of any animal at all levels. As such, from my early teenage years I entered into the maelstrom of events which is known as the animal rights movement, doing what I could, when I could, to act and speak in the defence of the suffering voiceless, and you know what, to this day I have never left or had the slightest feeling of ever wanting to.

I have campaigned over many years about endless animal issues – you can see several of them on this site.  The transport of live animals is now, and has really always been my ‘top thing’ on the campaign front; and I personally have spent (to date; now 2022) over 33 years obtaining information and presenting reports and formal complaints to the EU and other ‘political beings’ on this very subject.  Over all these years, I took part in endless campaigns at South East England ports in attempts to try and stop the live trade.  I have acted as the EU Correspondent for anti live transport organisations here in SE England in the past; have been an investigator for a couple of English animal welfare organisations into live farm animal exports (particularly concentrating on horses as special ‘projects’) and have also worked with (Kent) – my home county Trading Standards, to bring successful prosecutions against live animal transporters who have broken the regulations associated with live animal transport; namely Regulation 1/2005 on the supposed ‘protection’ of animals during transport – please see more on it at  EUR-Lex – 32005R0001 – EN – EUR-Lex ( .  Also, I have worked with welfare group campaigner friends based in the Netherlands when investigating. 

England: Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan. – World Animals Voice



After witnessing the endless suffering of live animals undergoing transportation, and also spending some time gathering info on ‘what happens’ to dairy industry animals at dairy farms in North Eastern USA during the 90’s, I turned my back on meat and dairy at an early age; although I was never really much of meat eater at all, even as a young kid anyway.  My beliefs were then, as they still are now – babies (of any species) belong with their mothers, and after witnessing the suffering of young (baby) calves being shipped to foreign lands from the UK and Ireland; without ever seeing or being fed by their mothers again; I decided all those years ago that it was time for action; time to try and change the ‘way’.

Here in England, during 2021 and after the UK getting away from the pathetic shackles of what is the EU  (and I say that wearing my ex EU animal correspondent hat); which (as an EU members state) makes live animal exports mandatory as part of membership, we (UK – as a nation) were finally given the opportunity by the British government to take back national control and stop the live trade in farm animals going for slaughter and further fattening.  (as of January 2022) – this legislation is currently working its way through both chambers of UK Parliament which will see live exports from the UK being stopped officially by law; something we have worked so hard to achieve over so many, many years.  Hopefully this legislation will drop into place in UK law in early 2022.


A Netted Seal Pup – Russia.

Another very major campaign that I became involved in was the slaughter of baby seal pups within the Russian federation.  Working with Robert who was a great friend; finally, after a long and often difficult campaign, and taking our fight to both Downing St in London; and the EU in Brussels, we eventually stopped the massacre of Russian seal pups for their white coats.  Campaigning against the fur trade has always been an important issue as it involves so much cruelty, which is undertaken primarily for sad humans and their vanity reasons. 

Top man Robert campaigning.


Campaigning at EU Brussels with ‘political (supportive) men in suits’ – I am back right in baseball cap.


Catching Strays – Serbia.

Stray animals get a bad time wherever they exist.  There are around 500 million of them trying to survive worldwide.  In 2005 I started an organisation (SAV) specifically concentrating on stray dogs and cats within Serbia. I had no funding and it was difficult; especially regarding communication aka languages; but you battle on if you feel that your views are right no matter what others say; and I wanted to at least be a voice for strays.  You can read more about it here – About Serbian Animals. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)  – we (Some Serbian campaigners and I) battled with the Serbian government for years; and despite the threats made by the authorities to Serbian animal shelter campaigners, especially when we exposed live animals being exported – Serbia: It Now Appears The Sheep Exported Live To Israel WERE From Serbia; Despite The Threats. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)  – we continued to be a powerful voice; much to their annoyance  and attempts to close us down.  The Serbian site continues to this day, Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) | a voice for the voiceless  has now moved away from specific Serbian issues (campaigners there continue) to just repeating many of the posts which feature on this (WAV) site, which is now the primary, but SAV is still regularly visited by many.


Sheep Being Exported from Serbia – Despite Dismissal by the Government.
Does anything need to be said ?

I detest bear bile farming, it is big obscene; and have more than the greatest respect and admiration for Jill Robinson who founded ‘Animals Asia’ after her experiences of visiting and witnessing the suffering at a bear bile farm.  They are one of the great welfare organisations today; aiming to rescue all the bile bears from Viet Nam in the next year or so.


Brilliant Jill – Animals Asia.

Personally and professionally I have always worked in military aerospace; am qualified in electronic engineering and aerospace technology; and after 25 years going down this road I decided to stop walking and divert; to put even more time into my role as an advocate for animals and animal rights.  “It is never too late to change the road you are on” – as said by Led Zepp; ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

When I have spare time (is there any ?); I enjoy looking after a number of bonsai trees that I have in my own collection.  I do not really do television, but instead devote time to listening to music, which I find very inspirational and also something which can be used as an escape valve if the need arises.  I dabble in wildlife photography and have always been passionate about photographing foxes

I am a passionate vegan but never try to force my views on people – if they ask why; then I tell them.  I think that I have seen, heard, witnessed; read and watched enough animal cruelty ‘things’ over my lifetime that is probably enough to last several lifetimes.  But animal rights and animal welfare gets in your blood as many of you will know; and having the pleasure of getting to know and communicate different experiences and campaigns with fellow campaigners all over the world makes it something that you can never wish, or want, to get away from.


The brilliant crew at AAU India.

For example, over the last few years I have been in very regular contact with animal friends / founders at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ who operate in India cut to the stray animals thing.  They undertake some fantastic rescues and often bring animals back to good from very ‘near death’ experiences.  As a group they have my full respect for everything they undertake; you can see a lot of their super videos of rescues and recovery by visiting Search Results for “animal aid unlimited” – World Animals Voice – please check them out !

You can see a bit more about me and investigate my campaign stories more by visiting About Us. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)  – sorry there is some military aircraft stuff also; but that’s what 25 of military jets does to you !

Well; this hopefully is a little about me.  To all you animal campaigners out there being a voice; you are very much doing the right thing; you always will; be yourself no matter what ‘they’ say; and keep on fighting the fight. 

If you feel you are acting in the defence of animals, then go on doing it ! – be the voice for the voiceless.



Regards Mark



Lidl GB gets the label “cruelty free”

Cruelty Free International

Today we are delighted to announce that Lidl GB has become the latest addition to our Leaping Bunny approved family! 🎉
All Lidl GB own brand household and cosmetic products now have our gold standard stamp of approval 🐰

Our CEO, Michelle Thew, said:
“Lidl is a much-loved high street brand, known for its affordable products which don’t compromise on quality.
So, we’re thrilled to be able to grant the Lidl GB ’s household and cosmetics ranges Leaping Bunny approval, making cruelty free Veganuary swaps this January both affordable and accessible across the country.

“Leaping Bunny approval is rigorous and take many months, and it’s no mean feat to do this for both cosmetics and household products at the same time!
Congratulations to Lidl GB and welcome to the growing Leaping Bunny family.”
Find your next “cruelty free” favourite via our quick and easy Leaping Bunny Search tool.

And I mean…While the news is encouraging, it must be treated with caution.

They’re two separate things: The term “cruelty-free” has long been associated with ending animal testing. So the Leaping Bunny logo and approval means that these are products which are not tested on animals.

However, that does not mean that the products are vegan, meaning that they do not contain any animal ingredients.

Of course, for some it is incomprehensible how a product can be presented as cruelty free if it contains parts of an animal or its products (like milk, honey…)

Furthermore, Cruelty Free International hasn’t enjoyed the same level of trust it once did for a long time, and with good reason:

For example, they have Garnier listed on their website as one of their trusted brands even though they are owned by L’Oreal. They also declare Body Shop as one of their Trusted Brands, which was one of the first vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics companies, but on March 17, 2006 was sold on L’Oreal, a deal that many animal rights activists saw as a betrayal by the company to customers and animals and a breach of trust.

Because L’Oreal certainly conducts animal testing.

For several years, Cruelty Free International has dropped the standards. This is wrong not only for animal welfare, but for all the amazing companies that have been “cruelty free” for years and have done the right thing.

Conclusion: A vegan product is not automatically cruelty-free and vice versa. If you’re vegan then your best bet is to find products that are certified cruelty-free and vegan.

My best regards to all, Venus

Germany: the city of Rodgau bans all animals in the circus – thank you!

As the first municipality in Germany, Rodgau will no longer allocate urban areas to circuses or organizers who display animals of any kind.
In December, the city council had approved a motion by the parliamentary group of the Animal Welfare Party by a majority.

In a letter to Mayor Jürgen Hoffmann and the factions of the local council, PETA thanked them for this forward-looking and animal-friendly decision.
Because even domesticated animals such as horses, alpacas or goats suffer from the much too small cages and enclosures, the constant transport and the unnatural tricks that they are forced to do in the presence of bright headlights and loud music.

The animal rights organization hopes more cities and towns will follow suit, and is also campaigning at the federal level with a petition for a regulation that includes all animal species.

“With this groundbreaking decision, Rodgau paves the way for a society in which the needs of animals are respected and they are no longer locked up to entertain paying visitors and involuntarily have to serve as circus clowns,” says biologist Dr. Yvonne Würz, PETA’s specialist for animals in the entertainment industry.

“A nationwide ban, at least on wild animals, is long overdue. Ultimately, all animal training must be banned in order to end animal suffering in the manege and circus wagons.”

Poor animal husbandry in the circus

A species-appropriate accommodation of animals in circuses is not possible due to the system.

In 2016, the Federal Council called for wild animals such as elephants, giraffes and hippos to be banned from circuses.
In his motion for a resolution, he reasoned that these animal species are subject to considerable suffering, regardless of the circus company.
Animal welfare violations are also common in farms that do not keep wild animals.

Again and again, PETA has to ask the veterinary authorities to enforce the applicable guidelines there as well.
The animal rights organization calls for a general ban on animals in circuses.
The accommodation in small enclosures and an often inadequate supply, the constant transport and the training characterized by violence and coercion also lead to behavioral disorders, illnesses and often to an early death in animals such as camels, horses or ponies.

Germany should follow the example of other countries in this regard: Greece, Malta and Cyprus have already completely banned the keeping of animals in circuses.
According to a representative opinion poll, the majority of Germans (62 percent) are of the opinion that animals should not be kept and presented in mobile circuses at all.

“With this groundbreaking decision, Rodgau paves the way for a society in which the needs of animals are respected and they are no longer locked up to entertain paying visitors and involuntarily have to serve as circus clowns,” says biologist Dr. Yvonne Würz, PETA’s specialist for animals in the entertainment industry.
“A nationwide ban, at least on wild animals, is long overdue. Ultimately, all animal training must be banned in order to end animal suffering in the manege and circus wagons.”

Future without animal training

Successful circus greats prove that animal-free shows inspire spectators: Circus Roncalli, for example, said goodbye to wild animal training in the 1990s, took horses out of the program in 2018 and is now completely animal-free.
The company’s concept and future-oriented hologram technology are popular around the world.

PETA’s motto, in part, is: Animals aren’t there to entertain us.


And I mean…The circus association wants to sue!!
The chairman of the Association of German Circus Companies, Ralf Huppertz, considers this ban to be unjustified and announces legal action.
According to Huppertz, daily training is healthy for the animals, body and mind are challenged. This also increases the general well-being of the animals.
According to Huppertz, lawsuits have already been successfully filed against many municipal bans on wild animals. This ban has no chance of enduring, he said.

Shall we bet, Mr. Hupertz?
That this time at least one German town, that of Rodgau does not give in to the pressure of the circus jugglers and circus animal tormentors?

My best regards to all, Venus