Day: January 13, 2022

U.S: Fauci tries to make male monkeys transgender!

The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) gave $205,000 to researchers for HIV study

US corona czar Dr. Anthony Fauci’s agency awarded over $200,000 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to an experiment injecting male monkeys with female hormones, in a bid to find out why trans women have higher rates of HIV.

Fauci’s department, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, awarded $205,562 in funding to Scripps Research last month to inject male monkeys with female hormones.
Scientists plan to monitor how the hormones impact the males’ immune systems, testing the hypothesis that feminizing hormones negatively affect trans women’s immune systems and thus increase their likelihood of becoming HIV positive.

The project received NIAID funding last year but began a year earlier, in December 2020.
Fauci has been linked to research injecting monkeys with HIV dating back to the mid-1980s.

His agency has contracted to acquire some 500 of the animals annually from an island in South Carolina where they are bred specifically for US government research at an annual cost of millions, according to government documents published by campaign group White Coat Waste.

No parallel research injecting female monkeys with male hormones is being conducted – and accordingly, trans men are entirely missing from the Centers for Disease Control’s HIV factsheet, an odd oversight but one that has been justified by pointing out the low rate of infection among that population.
Trans men contract HIV at almost the same rate as biological women – 3% vs 4%, respectively – while 19% of trans women are HIV-positive.

Neuroscientist with animal rights advocacy group PETA Katherine Roe was not impressed by the experiment, arguing that monkeys cannot even contract HIV and the testing thus has no value beyond “pointless, wasteful monkey torture.”
Instead, she said, monkeys contract the milder and more survivable SIV – simian immunodeficiency virus.

The experiment has brought Fauci once again under fire from animal rights groups, who have already heavily criticized him for horrific beagle experiments his agency was found to have funded, including infecting dogs with heartworm only to euthanize them afterwards.

Please take action and tell Fauci and his NIAID to stop funding and conducting HIV/AIDS experiments on monkeys:

And I mean…Not long ago, in August 2021, it was reported that NIAID awarded a $424,455 (taxpayer’s money) grant to the University of Georgia Research Foundation in September 2020 to test an experimental drug on beagles.

Dozens of healthy dogs were exposed to stable flies carrying a disease-causing parasite that can infect humans and expressed “vocal pain” when the scientists allowed the dogs to be bitten and infected.
They were later “euthanized for blood collection”.

We reported about it:

This is a reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds.
This time, it’s trying to create transgender monkeys.
But rather than holding a proper clinical study with willing human patients that would yield relevant information, these experimenters have decided to use monkeys, who can’t become infected with HIV.

Right now, so little money is going to research on health issues for women (both cis and transgender) that throwing away more than $200,000 is unethical as well as cruel.

Monkeys don’t get HIV, and after 40 years, hundreds of thousands of dead monkeys, billions of dollars and no vaccines on the market, any rational person would think thieves and scammers are working in research

This is another senseless, wasteful monkey torture experiment, and it’s every bit as stupid as its ruthless operators.

The man should be fired on the spot.

My best regards to all, Venus

Eurogroup For Animals and the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition call for EU and Canada to Address Horse Welfare Under CETA.

12 January 2022

Press Release

The EU imports horse meat from Canada and this trade is problematic as NGO investigations and EU audits revealed massive problems with animal welfare and food safety. Eurogroup For Animals and the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition recommend using the tools offered by the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) to address and improve horse welfare in Canada.

The EU is the biggest consumer of horse meat, even if consumption – and imports – have decreased over the past decade for various reasons, including the 2014 food scandal, and the subsequent ban on Mexican horse meat. Yet, since 2017, imports have been on the rise, and Canada’s share has remained constant at around 1,350 tonnes yearly. 

Even if this volume is relatively low, the horse welfare abuses detected in the production chains are highly problematic. These significant shortcomings in the sector, not only on animal welfare but also on traceability, have been underlined by recent NGO investigations. Furthermore, the EU legislation that imposes a six-month residency period, during which horses are not allowed to receive any medication, has created many additional concerns in terms of horse welfare. During this residency period, the animals are kept in horrifying conditions in open-air feedlots, without any protection from adverse weather or veterinary care for six months until they can be slaughtered.

As animal welfare issues related to farm practices do not fall under the scope of EU animal welfare requirements currently imposed on imports, in a joint letter we call on the European Commission and on the Canadian Minister for International Trade to maximise the opportunities offered by the CETA Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF) to improve horse welfare.

The timing has never been better to discuss horse welfare now that it has become a priority of the Canadian government to ban live horse exports, mainly due to poor transport conditions

Sinikka Crosland, President, Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

Moving in this direction would respond to EU citizens’ expectations, as nine out of ten Europeans believe the EU should do more to promote animal welfare awareness worldwide. A petition, which has already gathered nearly 180,000 signatures, calls on the EU to suspend the imports of horse meat from countries where EU requirements on food safety and animal welfare are not respected.

If horse welfare fails to be addressed, the EU should send a clear message to its trading partners stressing that respecting the rules matters, and suspend imports where requirements are not met. In similar conditions, EU imports from Mexican horse meat were suspended in 2015

Stephanie Ghislain, Trade and Animal Welfare, Programme Leader, Eurogroup for Animals



Briefing: Stable to Fork: EU Horse Meat Imports

Joint letter to the Canadian Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development & European Commission Chief Trade Enforcement Officer.

Regards Mark

Italy: So Probably ‘Ag Gag’ Does Exist In the EU ? – Essere Animali (Italian Animal Welfare Org.) Forced to Censor Videos of Investigations of Two Grana Padano Dairy Farms.

Photo – Essere Animali

WAV Comment – So Ag Gag DOES exist in the EU !

We know our investigations are troublesome, affecting the interests of powerful food groups, and we are aware of the legal risks we run. However, the need to improve living conditions for animals in factory farms drives us to carry out these investigations, and this is our primary goal. Attempts to intimidate us will not stop our work.

Simone Montuschi, President of Essere Animali

Well said Simone – we are fully behind you and your excellent work as animal defenders at Essere Animali.  What a pity that the court did not pay more attention to stopping the abuses rather than trying to Ag Gag EA.  Maybe then we would see some progress rather than the cover ups that they are trying to hide.

It would appear that despite the obvious abuses filmed by EA, the ‘bigger boys’ are now using a form of ag gag as their defence in order to cover up the exposed abuses. Money matters to the abusers more than anything ! – especially in the arena of animal welfare

EA you have our full support;


13 January 2022

Essere Animali

Following the release of two investigations of two different dairy farms where Grana Padano is produced, the Consortium that protects the most consumed PDO cheese in the world has filed a civil lawsuit against Essere Animali and filed charges against their legal representative and some other members of the organisation.

As a result of the civil proceedings instigated by the Consortium, albeit in the interlocutory stage, the Court of Brescia ordered the removal of all the online videos related to the undercover investigations.

Additionally, the court prohibited the disclosure of any other footage or content from the investigations that involve Grana Padano. The only exception is the right to mention that the two farms involved are part of the Consortium.

Essere Animali appealed the Court decision, asking them to reconsider the order of removal and to allow the videos to remain online. The Consortium for the Protection of Grana Padano has also pressed charges against several members of Essere Animali, for different crimes including defamation and receiving stolen goods.

We know our investigations are troublesome, affecting the interests of powerful food groups, and we are aware of the legal risks we run. However, the need to improve living conditions for animals in factory farms drives us to carry out these investigations, and this is our primary goal. Attempts to intimidate us will not stop our work.

Simone Montuschi, President of Essere Animali

What happened

Following the dissemination of the first investigation, released on 13 July 2021, the Consortium for the Protection of Grana Padano replied with a video in which it distanced itself from episodes of animal abuse by referring to “isolated cases”. Subsequently, the Consortium proposed a meeting at their headquarters, during which Essere Animali were asked to remove the references to the Grana Padano trademark from the video, without making any concrete proposals regarding the requests of Essere Animali and Eurogroup for Animals’ Member Organisations.

Following the release of the second investigation on 29 September 2021, the police and official veterinarians intervened and found several animals in poor conditions. The farm, on which violations of regulations had previously been found, was sanctioned almost 10,000 euros, and was requested to adjust practices in accordance with regulations.

While the court of Brescia acknowledges that the investigations contain truthful footage, it accepted the request to blackout the investigative videos because they claimed the videos conveyed the message that “the entire production of the Grana Padano brand cheese takes place in violent ways and in the conditions reported“. 

Essere Animali maintains the right to criticise and strive for the abolishment of legal and common practices such as the separation of the newborn calf from the mother and subsequent isolation, which cause stress and suffering to the animals.


Press release – Essere Animali forced to black out videos of investigations of two Grana Padano dairy farms.pdf239.08 KB