Drought in Africa

Drought in Africa-By Martin BuschmannMEP

The rain doesn’t come any more. It has not rained in eastern Kenya for over a year.
Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia are also affected. The ground has dried up, nothing grows anymore.
Millions of people in East Africa are at risk of starvation.

The animals are also affected. Giraffes die of thirst in the wildlife parks, the wildebeest and zebras never migrate.
Without water, nothing grows along their migration corridors.

First it hit the hippos, which need large amounts of water and mud to live.
60 carcasses could be counted.
40 bodies of Grevy’s zebras were also found. They became infected with anthrax, the spores of which remain in the dry soil for decades.
All herbivorous animals struggle to survive during the drought.

Monkeys band together and attack water tankers or food vans along the streets.
Because of man-made climate change, the rain cycle is permanently disrupted.
And if it does rain a bit, the rock-hard ground cannot absorb the water.
Disastrous floods are the result.

Large parts of the country are becoming uninhabitable and people can no longer make a living.
Disaster seems inevitable.


And I mean... drought in Kenya, tornadoes in the USA … Europe / Germany will be soon the next one.
Germany produces more Co2 than the entire continent of Africa.

Such droughts are undeniably caused by climate change; therefore we MUST understand such reports not as NATIONAL, but as INTERNATIONAL disasters.

But every time people find a different excuse that someone else is to blame and that we don’t have to / can’t do anything.
That is simply wrong and only works in a conspiratorial dream world without any reference to reality.

If you think you have “nothing” to do with what is going on around you and whether it is a meter or a thousand away from you, then you are just that, one … one who pollutes the environment!

It’s time to pull the emergency brake.
Otherwise, potentially catastrophic climate change and the sixth mass extinction of biodiversity can no longer be prevented

My best regards to all, Venus

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