“Time to act” for EU Parliament!

by Animals ’Angels e.V.

Your voice for the animals: Calls on the members of the EU Parliament to limit animal transports to 8 hours!

An important vote will take place in January – every vote counts! The Greens / EFA have set up a website with a sample letter for this purpose: https://act.greens-efa.eu/de/tiertransporte. Animals ‘Angels also put strong pressure on the MPs before the vote.

To the background:
The EU laws on the protection of animals are finally being revised.
The “Animal Transport” investigative committee of the EU (ANIT) has already made recommendations on this and, among other things, has spoken out in favor of limiting “slaughter” animal transports to 8 hours.
That’s good, but not good enough.

Because long animal transports are torture for all animals, not just for animals for slaughter. ‘Fattening’ and ‘breeding’ animals should – if at all – only be allowed to be transported for a limited time.

Soon, in January members of the European Parliament will vote on the recommendations of the special inquiry committee for Animal Transport (ANIT).
This is our chance to limit animal transport.
We want to include an absolute maximum time limit of eight hours for the transport of live animals – and an even shorter time limit for young animals.

This is our chance to put an end to this cruel system of dragging animals all over Europe in horrible conditions.

We’re asking for:
-A complete ban on transporting unweaned animals younger than 5 weeks
-2 hours of maximum transport time for unweaned animals older than 5 weeks
-8 hours of maximum transport time by air and road
-24 hours of maximum transport time by sea
-A ban on exporting animals to countries outside the EU which don’t respect EU animal welfare standards.

But we need to do this together.
We need you to ask MEPs from other political groups to support our demands.

Send your MEPs an email and ask them to support the maximum of 8 hours for animal transport. Use our tool to select the MEPs from your country that have not yet decided which way they will vote.
If you’re in a rush, we’ve even prepared an email for you.

More about our “Time to Act” project, with which we are campaigning in the EU for a better law to protect animals during transport, at: https://act.greens-efa.eu/animal-transport
Please sign!

The more people express their support, the louder our demands will be heard!
That is why it is important to ask your friends to sign as well.

Petition: https://act.greens-efa.eu/animal-transport

And I mean…In January 2022, the European Parliament will vote in plenary on the report and the recommendations of the ANIT committee.
We have often reported on the betrayal of the investigative committee (ANIT) to the animals (https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2021/12/04/anit-committee-vote-an-anti-animal-welfare-work/)
The task now is to correct the bad work done by these well-paid EU officials.

The ship transports with animals, for example: they can take days or even months, and thus they do not violate EU regulations.
This was the case several times in 2021 alone, for example with the ships Karim Allah and Elbeik or with the blockade of the Suez Canal.
And yet those “responsible” for ANIT see no need in their report to limit or even stop these grueling journeys.

Road transport must generally be limited to a maximum of eight hours.
ANIT also failed there.

Through our mobilization and actions there remains one last hope, albeit a rather weak one, to convince the MEPs in the European Parliament not to turn a blind eye to the horror and cruelty to animals on the European roads any longer.

“Time to act” for EU Parliament!
The current EU regulation is out of date and inadequate in all areas: implementation, controls and consequences in the event of violations of EU regulations.

It would be a shame, after all the tragedies at sea and on the roads that have become known, to tolerate the irresponsible policy of the EU Commission in relation to animal transports.

My best regards to all, Venus

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