Sweden: Medieval witch hunt against the wolf

The current 2022 hunt is even more gruesome than usual as various local county governments work together to eradicate entire families of wolves from their territory and habitat.

Norway (a non-EU country where the hunt for 54 wolves can continue until May 31) and Sweden are cooperating in this grotesque eradication effort and creating a wolf holocaust.

Almost 2,000 hunters have signed up on the Swedish side to kill 27 wolves.
Finland has also launched a hunt for 20 wolves.
Thus, in Scandinavia in 2022 more than 100 wolves will be slaughtered in the most gruesome ways.

The intentional killing of predators goes against the spirit and spirit of the EU’s Habitats Directive protecting endangered species.

NGOs in Sweden, Norway and Finland have called for the hunt to stop. Not in line with modern nature conservation: Sweden has been involved in the cruel business of trophy hunting for brown bears, lynx and wolves since 2010.

Wolves and other predators were nearly wiped out by human persecution in the late 19th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, the love of nature and the movement of people to urban areas contributed to a renewed appreciation for a diverse range of animals. The Hunters’ Association also contributed to the protection of certain species.

Unfortunately, in the late 1930s the Hunters’ Association was entrusted with the management of wild animals by the state and received enormous economic resources, linking the state and hunting interests, on a model then used in authoritarian Germany.

This model is still valid and gives them a budget of about $5.6 million each year.

This created an institution that would exercise control over wildlife and act as a lobbying force infiltrating government and the hunting political agenda at all levels. And this despite the fact that hunters make up less than 3% of the population.

Why is there a trophy hunt in a developed country like Sweden?

Wolves were fully protected starting in 1966 to save the species.

But as we can see, that has changed, even though Sweden has been subject to EU safeguards since joining the EU in 1995.
Since 2010, licensed hunting has expanded trophy hunting in Sweden as hunters are now allowed to kill bears, lynx and wolves. Foreign hunters are also welcome.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency changed its wildlife management strategy in favor of hunters after a series of policy changes in the late 1990s.
The situation escalated when hunters decided that predators, especially wolves, should be viewed as competitors to other wildlife they hunt!
This had a negative impact on all wildlife, but especially the predators as they became politicized.

Reindeer herding developed very differently from its cultural heritage and is now an industry with export ambitions.
Not to mention the extreme cruelty with which farmers are allowed to treat reindeer.

These semi-wild animals are transported en masse to the slaughterhouses. Snowmobiles and helicopters are used to round up the animals in stressful conditions. Although climate change poses a greater threat than predators, the state’s massive financial support keeps this cruel business alive.

The state provides significant financial support to reindeer owners/villages so that they ‘accept’ the presence of predators on their land and pay for each animal killed by predators.

However, this in no way protects the predators from being killed.
The opposite is the case, as evidenced by the increase in so-called protection hunting and illegal hunting.
For wolves, this is an additional deadly problem because the only route to genetic renewal is through Finland and Russia.

No wolves survive when they come to Sweden.
Hatred of wolves has become pathological, if not even “large bribes” can save them.
In some regions this is reminiscent of the witch hunts against women in the seventeenth century.

In 2016, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that 300 wolves must be the minimum to conserve the species. Instead of this being a minimum, it is used by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and hunters as the maximum of tolerance.

Sweden’s repeated violation of the EU’s Habitats Directive continues, and by adapting its own national loopholes and interpretation of limited hunting derogations, Sweden is also undermining the aim and purpose of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), since export permits for all trophies can easily be granted by the agricultural authority.


More than 7,000 Red List predators have been killed in 20 years. The Swedish environmental protection agency Naturvårdsverket has even increased the quota for legal trophy hunting.

Since 2000, more than 7,000 brown bears, lynx, wolves and wolverines have been legally killed in this system.

What is both cruel and alarming is the inbreeding and degeneration of Swedish wolves. Many male wolves have only one testicle (cryptorchidism), and autopsies of slain wolves show gruesome evidence of the hunters’ sadism – many have old wounds and lead ammunition lodged in their bodies.

License hunting and/or protection hunting– Both methods have increased since 2010.
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has delegated the decisions to the local authorities in each district where carnivores live.
Protection hunt orders are often given over the phone, and the animals can usually be killed on the same day.
The time to challenge NGOs’ decisions is therefore useless and purely symbolic.

These hunts are quick executions carried out using helicopters and snowmobiles. Dogs are used on the ground to track them down when they try to hide in burrows.
The helicopter hunts could be inspired by American warfare... and also what is happening in the US now.

Unfortunately, these methods have spread like a pandemic due to globalization and international organizations of hunters.
Historically, Americans began shooting African game from trains and cars in the era of white hunters, including in the era of Swedish Baron Blixen (husband of writer Karen Blixen), who accompanied all the rich and famous on trophy hunting and killing sprees in Africa .

The approved hunt for lynxes takes place from March 1st – this is the mating season of the shy big cats. A real crime!
Animal cruelty legislation does not cover wild animals – only hunting laws apply.
Swedish hunting laws are based on the use of animals as objects owned by the hunter and/or the landowner.

Hunting with hounds has developed in Sweden and is becoming a form of animal cruelty for both dogs and wild animals, which is not punished in any way.

Swedish hunters have also introduced novel aggressive hunting dogs that are trained to hunt down predators – three dogs are allowed to chase a wolf, whether it is a puppy or an adult.
Unethical hunting methods also include ancient medieval hunting methods using clubs and encircling the area with “terrifying wires with movable textiles” set up to encircle fleeing wolves and drive them towards the hunters.

The Swedish hunting lobby has a tight grip on all wild animals and the legal system for hunting is rigged.
To turn the wheel of death, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has opened up the hunting of all animals, including migratory birds like cranes and swans, even further with a new decree from 2021 to 2026!


And I mean…German hunters also dream of the Swedish witch hunt for wolves.
They vehemently advocate placing wolves under hunting law. Because according to the self-image of the hunters, only they have the right to rule in the forest.

They refer to the conservation obligation imposed on them by Reichsjägermeister Hermann Göring in 1934.
So far, no federal government has dared to change the hunting law – but has got rid of the hunting law in the federalism reform – that means: the federal states are responsible each for its hunting law.

This liberalization has meant that anyone can get a hunting license in three-week courses.
Therefore too many shooting maniacs with a hunting license are stalking around.

In Bavaria, hunters are trying to enforce that they are allowed to shoot deer, chamois and roe deer at the feeding points.
Once the wolf is included in the hunting law, they are then also allowed to shoot down “problem wolves”.
In spirit, hunters still compete with wolves for deer and stags, and the hunters want them for themselves.

In times of factory farming, humans no longer compete with animals for the same food.
Only psychopaths – that is, hunters.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Sweden: Medieval witch hunt against the wolf”

  1. Hunters are psychopaths who would happily kill humans and brag about it if that was legal. Giving children guns and forcing them to kill animals, is child abuse.


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